We know that Amazfit is one of the independent Xiaomi brands dedicated to quantization devices, like the recent Amazfit X. But it seems that they are broadening their horizons in favor of make useful masks for coronavirusand hers couldn’t be conventional.

There is always a debate on the most practical masks and not in all countries, they are mandatory depending on the context, knowing that in a case like that of Spain, the Ministry of Health has published a guide for making masks. homemade masks. Faced with this situation, and seeing that the debate tends to be more favorable to wearing a mask in most cases, the Chinese firm has imagined an electronic mask concept with ultraviolet light so that it can self-disinfect.

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Transparent, with UV light and USB port

We talk about concept because it is the status that Huami, the manufacturer of Amazfit products, is talking about. From SamaGame we have contacted them and as they explain they are developing two Aeri mask models that is, a transparent mask that integrates ultraviolet light, with which the filters are disinfected by connecting it to a power source.

It’s because of it It is a mask with USB port, As such. Once logged in, Huami says the filters are disinfected in 10 minutesAlthough it is up to the user to finish the disinfection by talking about it from the outside.

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© Huami

Air 04 © Huami

They explain that it is made of light and soft materials, so that it is comfortable to wear, and that thanks to its modular design It allows you to integrate different accessories such as ventilators (to facilitate breathing) or visors. A unit with an AQI sensor can also be added to provide real-time information on the user’s air quality, humidity and respiratory rate.

Conception Aeri Modular © Huami

As for the type of mask, it includes N95 filters which would last a month and a half depending on the brand. The idea is that this modular design also allows it to be customized aesthetically, with different colors in the straps or filters.

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Air filters 01 © Huami

A “product for the masses”

The fact that it is transparent is not a coincidence, because it is part of the premises of the concept compared to the obstacle presented by the front mask facial recognition methods (or just recognize someone in the street). Something that it is possible that we “suffer” with our smartphones, although in this case they refer to the biometric systems with which some companies work regularly.

Aeri Uv Connected Disinfection only occurs when plugged in and never when the user wears it. © Huami

The project also reminds us of this Xiaomi patent for a “smart” mask, even if Aeri seems a little simpler (and recent). As it consolidates as something convenient to carry (and we clearly still have to deal with the coronavirus), we can see initiatives more similar to existing manufacturers.

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Air 04 © Huami

As we said before, from SamaGame we contacted Huami and for the moment they told us all this (in addition to showing us the renderings), while waiting to know the state of development of Aeri, its marketing and distribution. Pengtao Yu, vice president of industrial design at Huami, explained on TechCrunch that they had not yet set a sale price because they still are. at an early stage of development, but that it will be a “product for the masses” around the world and will serve not only to protect against viruses, but also against pollution.

Source: Engadget

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