A year in the eyes of Bartek – a summary of the year.

Hello, you probably know that on June 3rd our beloved portal celebrated its first anniversary. Throughout the year, other editors prepared interesting articles, tests and reviews for you. I am writing others because I am a guest here recently and I have not added many articles, which will certainly change in the near future. For this big event, the editor-in-chief asked us to scribble down a summary of last year for everyone writing here. To list the hits and kits, and detail what was an important event for him.

This year, when it comes to the smartphone and tablet industry, can certainly be added to a successful one. First of all, in Poland, where smartphones are becoming very popular only now. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a little longer for the tablet craze in our country, maybe because they are quite expensive. And if we have to spend more money on something, it is better to buy a notebook or netbook. These are the events, in my opinion, one of the most important and not the most important.

1. The beginning of the era of smartphone-tablets – Samsung Galaxy Note. At first, people criticized this device and thought it would be a total flop from Samsung. However, as it turned out, the announced “flap” turned into a sales hit, maybe not like the Galaxy SII, but still quite large. It is a device that will fit even in a woman’s purse, probably also in a pocket, which would certainly not work with a tablet.

A year in the eyes of Bartek – a summary of the year

2. Presentation of the first smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich – Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The new system introduced a new level of smartphone operation, more new functions and design. It is also used in tablets. However, it did not make such an impression on tablets as on smartphones. Maybe because the earlier Android or Honeycomb was very similar to 4.0. Unfortunately, there are downsides to this update. What? And that companies that produce smartphones and tablets do not want to update these devices. As for the Nexus, which was shown with the latest version of the system, an interesting move from Google was to remove the physical keys on the front of the phone and curve the screen with the housing.

3. Introduction of the first smartphone with a quad-core processor – HTC One X and in fact the first such typical high-end from HTC. Now another such smartphone has been presented, namely the Samsung Galaxy SIII. And writing about Samsung, we will refer to the Galaxy S smartphone line. As you probably noticed, this is the third smartphone in this series. I think the South Korean company wants to put up a fight with Apple and their iPhone. The battle between Apple and Samsung has never been so fierce. The Suwon-based company has learned a lot from the company founded by Steve Jobs. Most of all, he learned to make a show from how they advertise their devices and present them. I hope Samsung will maintain the Galaxy S line and we will see many more models from this series.

A year in the eyes of Bartek – a summary of the year

4. Sony presents the Floating Touch screen, i.e. a display that does not have to respond to the touch of the screen. Although the phone with this display has already gone on sale, there is not much talk about it, which is a pity. Speaking of Sony, it would not be appropriate to mention Sony’s purchase of Ericsson shares, which changed the name of the smartphones to Sony itself. What did this change give us, users? Hmmmm, hard to say. But certainly the appearance of smartphones from Sony has improved significantly. Unfortunately, they still lack a phone that would be full of technological innovations and have strong components. Because Xperia S certainly does not belong to this category. Although it is still a powerful device. It was presented with components that have been used on the market for quite a long time. This is what I miss from Sony and I hope that they will soon present a quad-core smartphone, with some novelties that are not present in the competition. Then Sony can be really strong in the market.

5. Android Market disappears. Strange isn’t it? But Google Play appears, i.e. a new store from Google. We are talking here not only about games and applications for the Android platform, but also about movies and music, because that’s what Google offers. We, apart from changing the name and icon in our smartphones and tablets, did not feel anything, which is a pity. Why? Because Google has not made its new solutions available in our country. Anyway, as always. Navigation from Google Map, until recently, we could not use, and also buy in the popular “market”. Unfortunately, this is Google’s policy and we will not change it. I hope that the giant from Mountain View will finally share its project with the rest. This will prevent piracy to some extent.

A year in the eyes of Bartek – a summary of the year

6. The first serious port of the game from the PC version to the mobile version, i.e. Grand Theft Auto III, in short GTA III from Rockstar. Finally, it was possible to play longer games, with a longer campaign. It really got interesting in the gaming market. If we’re talking about games, Minecraft also had its premiere, which still hasn’t received the same functionality as in the PC version, but it’s making progress. Let’s keep the gaming atmosphere alive and mention OnLive. This project is actually a new level of gameplay on mobile devices. Why so amazing? Because we can play games known from consoles or computers on our portable equipment, without limiting the graphics. In a word, just like on a computer. All of this is done over the internet because it is really a game over the internet. The games are launched on the server and displayed on the device screens. I think it’s a really cool thing and we can always connect our device to a bigger screen and play on it. There was a bit of gaming about these Android devices, it’s time for Apple…

7. Biggest flop of the year in my opinion? Apple. Yes Apple, believe me or not, for me Apple has disappointed me the most. You will say: “Android fanboy, he had to criticize iOS devices.” I’m not a fanboy, because I would like to have something from the Apple stable, preferably an iPad. Unfortunately, my funds do not allow me to do so. The iPhone 4S appeared, in my opinion, it did not introduce anything revolutionary. Then came The New iPad. What revolutionary did he introduce? Thread! Could this be the end of the revolutionary Apple? (You may have noticed that I’ve started using the word revolutionary all the time, it’s because Steve Jobs used to repeat that word over and over again at one of his Apple presentations.) I hope not. A new “Retina” display known from its smaller brothers has been added to the iPad. This tablet got stronger components, but only to satisfy the hunger of a very demanding Retina. In addition, this equipment gained weight, began to heat up and took longer to charge. And the question is, is there really such a revolution as it used to be? In my opinion. Despite a small revolution in Apple devices, they are still in demand. So what if the company from Cupertino has not introduced anything new, if the Tablet market can’t keep up anyway. In this case, Apple can afford such downtime.

A year in the eyes of Bartek – a summary of the year

And that’s the end of my memories of last year. There was a lot going on. From the noisy announcements of Apple to various not necessarily true news related to the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I hope that this year will be even better and we will be able to publish new information, tests and reviews for you. 🙂

Sorry for the delay, but I had trouble restoring the text because I accidentally deleted it…