A member of the Star Wars Story Group, the team responsible for the stories of the canon, thinks it is entirely up to us which stories are still accepted as official stories and which are not.

In 2012, Disney bought the entire for just $ 4 billion Lucasfilmet. The continuity then known as the Extended Universe, that is, all Star Wars material (books, comics, video games) other than movies and The Clone Wars series was at the same time bracketed, renamed Legends – these stories were no longer part of the official Stars .

Of course, in parallel with all this, novels and comics of the new, uppercase Canon have been launched, and even the latest Star Wars video games (such as Jedi: Fallen Order) are all part of the big whole. This, according to the writing team, was very important because many previous stories hit each other, but new material can only be born that respects the timeline, not a single video game or comic can face the canon. These basics are now covered somewhat by Matt Martin.

The Star Wars Story Group writer said nothing less than that it was unnecessary to worry about what was left in the Canon and what became a Legend, because he thought the whole thing mattered at all. Martin put it exactly:

“What canon and what isn’t is just for telling future stories, but it has no effect on how individual fans can enjoy the Star Wars stories that matter to them.”

According to him, it is unnecessary to ask in the case of some previous stories that the Will Lucasfilm possibly take them back to the canon at some point (this has happened several times, it’s enough to think of Admiral Thrawn) because it doesn’t matter at all, it doesn’t matter. Martin argues that fans accept whatever they want as a “reality,” that is, an official story. His most interesting sentence was:

“It’s all fake anyway, so you see whatever you want as part of the story.”

Okay, we understand that in reality there are no Sith and Jedi Knights, but probably not all Star Wars fans agree that the concept of canon should be handled so freely. Or is it that you should let go of the crampy “cube” consciousness and let everyone think what they want? After all, Martin basically tried to smuggle the idea of ​​free thinking under the cloak, meaning that regardless of Disney’s efforts, the community (and indeed everyone within himself) will decide what he sees as his favorite world, tale, character, and so on. that’s okay.

What do you think about this?