Berlin studio Twin Drums start Kickstarter-campaign your game The Wagadu Chronicles… This is an online role-playing, which the creators themselves describe as “Afro-fantasy”. Developers are supported by the company Riot Games… The Wagadu Chronicles should be a game in which everyone will play their roles. For this, the creators have prepared a large-scale and deep mythology, and its 300-page description can be downloaded from the site. They plan to develop and expand the story further.

The world of Wagadu should be unusual and strange, uniting a variety of people who came into it from other worlds, and now they must learn to survive and cooperate in conditions inspired by African realities. This includes a free economy: almost everything in the game is created by the players.

Focusing on role-playing, the creators are preparing a special dialogue mode for The Wagadu Chronicles: when the characters come into contact, the camera zooms in, and players can use a variety of animations, creating small performances.

The game will feature seven “legacy” – an analogue of the usual races. Instead of traditional classes, there will be presets, skill sets. But if you wish, you can make anyone out of your character, from an oracle warrior to a farmer cook. Grinding is not required to develop skills: everyone receives a certain amount of experience points once a day, no matter what he does.

To be successful, the game needs to collect almost 120 thousand dollars, and it has 38 days for that.

Source : Game Informer

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