air display It’s one of those applications that is impressive to see working… the kind that make the iPad really look like that magical device that Apple talks about so much; With Air Display, it is possible to use the iPad as a second monitor for your Mac (and soon, Windows). That is to say… you open the application, activate it on the computer, and magically, the desktop extends as a second monitor, so that it is possible to move windows and anything to the screen of the iPad, which you can hold in your hand or have at hand. side of your computer screen to be able to see the ‘effect’ of moving windows from your screen to the iPad.

When laymen see this, they just go ‘wooow’… second to ‘I want one of these!’. Not only is it possible to see everything on the iPad as a second monitor, but it is also possible to use the touch screen to move the mouse pointer and windows, etc. Best of all, it just works. Perfect.

In order to install it, it is also necessary to install a small program on the computer that adds the iPad that is in your local Wi-Fi network to the list of available devices in the control panel.

Once installed, you have to restart the Mac. When you return to the desktop, we can see this window after activating Air Display in the menu.

And after choosing the iPad… it will appear as a second monitor in the list of monitors (in our case, as a third monitor, since we have an extra monitor connected to an iMac). As you can see in the screenshot below these lines, the iPad appears to the left; We can move it in the position that we want to ‘marry’ its physical position with the virtual one so that when we pass the mouse or the windows we can see the correspondence between both images.

The screen refresh is a bit slow, obviously all the image data reaches the iPad via Wi-Fi and that is not the fastest connection in the world, but it is certainly more than enough for windows, texts, and in general any anything less games or videos. The movement of the windows and pointer, with the finger, on the iPad, is instant and perfect, really very usable.

This type of applications it is very useful to use this iPad screen as a panel for Photoshop toolsfor example, so designers who use this type of program with an infinite number of color palettes and menus will be very grateful.

Best of all, Air Display only costs €7.99 and you can download it directly to your iPad by clicking here. If you know that you are going to use this application a lot, do not hesitate to download it… you will never regret it. If you need to know when the Windows version will be available or want to contact the developer, feel free to visit their website.