Air Emu GTA.

Air Emu GTA. To be a pro player of Grand Theft Auto, you will have to know a lot of curiosities that will allow you to obtain profits and fun moments. This is the case of the airlines that appear in the game. In addition to appearing in some missions, you can have fun investing in some and destroying others.

In previous articles, we have talked about the Strip Club in GTA or the Monster Truck in GTA. However, this time we are going to focus on talking about the airline Air Emu GTA.

Air Emu GTA

Air Emu GTA: Complete Guide

What is Air Emu GTA

air emu is an airline that appears in Grand Theft Auto V. The only thing we know about it is that it operates at Los Santos International Airport.

The fleet that makes up this airline is based on a Shamal-type aircraft: a narrow-body aircraft that seats 10 people. It is usually used for charter or short-haul flights.

Air Emu GTA

The motto that we can find of the company is: “Take our birds anywhere you like”. It would be translated as: “Our planes will take you wherever you want«.

air emu operates at Los Santos International Airport. There you have at your disposal your own passenger boarding terminal and various posters of the company distributed throughout it. The airline’s planes can be seen operating in the track 3the shortest at the airport.

Air Emu GTA

Air Emu GTA Missions

In GTA V, during the Free Fall missionMichael must shoot down a plane belonging to this company so that Martín Madrazo can recover the files that his cousin Javier Madrazo wants to use to testify against him.


  • Its main competitor is Fly Us. In fact, if we destroy this company’s planes, Air Emu’s shares will go up slightly.
  • seems to be a high cost airline. We can see how it is used by various billionaires throughout the game, such as Javier Madrazo or Devin Weston.
  • It’s a parody of the German airline, Lufthansa.

We hope this short guide has been useful to you. If you now want to learn how to use the spray can as a weapon in GTAcontinue browsing Trick library.

Air Emu GTA

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