There is an interesting debate between AirPods supporters and AirPods Pro supporters. Although we do not know exact values ​​of the proportion of sales of one or the other headphones, DigiTimes provides us with new data with which we can draw some conclusions.

Pro or not Pro, a matter of taste and comfort

Since the introduction of the first AirPods Pro in October last year, about a year ago, there have been quite polarized opinions on headphones. The main concern of many users lies in the comfort of an in-ear headset such as the AirPods Pro.

In financial results Apple does not break down the ratio between AirPods and AirPods Pro soldSo, until now, the public’s preference over one or the other was a mystery. And we say it was because DigiTimes reports that AirPods Pro will reach the number of shipments of AirPods before the end of the year.

Apple’s shipments for the AirPods Pro have grown steadily since their launch in October 2019, and are likely to match those of the AirPods 2 by the end of 2020, an encouraging development for SiP substrate vendors. The SiP is likely to become the main technology for AirPods.

The second-generation AirPods, which Apple currently sells, were introduced in March 2019, seven months before the AirPods Pro came out. By the end of the year they will have a market-time lead of between three and four months, by what the forecast of that the Pro variant reaches its sales number is a good indicator of its success.

The AirPods Pro have great advantages in some fields compared to their smaller brothers, especially active noise cancellation, as well as the transparency mode that is associated with it and resistance to sweat and water. At the same time, it is important that we add the prices of both products to the equation, The AirPods Pro are at 279 euros compared to 179 (without wireless charging case) of the AirPods, a difference of 100 euros neither more nor less.

The possible future of AirPods

AirPods Pro sales will match AirPods before the end of the year, according to DigiTimes

From the rumors that we have heard so far, everything seems to indicate that future AirPods will inherit the design of the AirPods Pro. This would mean that Apple would sell two headphones with identical external appearance And that it would differentiate between the basic model and the Pro based on features such as noise cancellation or wireless charging.

In the past, before the success of the AirPods, Apple had already sold only in-ear headphones, so a return to this type of design is entirely plausible. Will everyone like it? Probably not. Although we repeat, it is information based on rumors. The same rumors that, apparently due to the identical external design, confused the third-generation AirPods with possible AirPods Pro Mini.

And if that was not enough we’re still waiting for the AirPods Studio, Apple’s future over-ear headphones, which could represent the end of the Beats brand in Apple brand headphones. Thus the family of headphones could stay in the AirPods, the AirPods Pro, which would improve thanks to noise cancellation, and the AirPods Studio.

For now we will have to wait for the presentations and press releases this fall to have a clearer vision of the matter, but, if we pay attention to the numbers that they handle in DigiTimes, it seems that the success of the AirPods Pro can open them a new way.

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