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Sometimes I have to describe many recent versions according to an overused scheme: such and such a game fulfills such and such. I’m sorry but also with Alder blood it is better to do without additional preferences so that readers are immediately interested: here you can simultaneously see the functions and Darker dungeonand Xcomand even Bloodborne. But what happened in the end?

It’s hard to be a god

Time Darker dungeon and Bloodborne, then it is clear that the action Alder blood it takes place in a very dark world, and we play for the monster hunters. Moreover, it is not really the people themselves, but the descendants of the situation that led to the disaster. The people killed God, and after that his defiled flesh and blood, scattered all over the world, began to give way to Darkness, which poisons everything and creates monsters.

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At this time, several clans of hunters appeared. They are very sensitive to the dark and can smell monsters. But they themselves are vulnerable to it: the more hunters fight and kill, the faster they weaken and end up going mad. Therefore, it is better to sacrifice them in advance to transfer some of the strength to the news.

Yes, yes, everything is very hard and adult. In the proper style and very well drawn, it is reminiscent of black comics in the spirit of “Hellboy”, “Lucifer”, “Sandman” and “Sin City”, and if we are talking about games, then The blind prophet. And the story is also very interesting and dark.

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The secret becomes obvious

We played the role of the leader of one of the hunting clans, whose closest ally suddenly disappeared somewhere, and was later found half-dead and blinded. But he found something important related to the disaster and the body of the deceased god. There is now a chance to save this doomed Victorian world.

The interface here is not particularly convenient.

At the same time, the leaders of different factions begin to contact us: scientists, military, businessmen and leaders who shed light on the situation, conduct their own research for a recipe for salvation, but necessarily want something from us. and, as a rule, hide something, well, for example. who are members of a secret society that performed bloody hidden rituals. Some have even flown off the reels and are ready to take revenge on the monsters, sacrificing thousands of soldiers.

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We began to work for factions, increasing our reputation in one group or another: we must complete tasks for him, search for lost patrols and major artifacts, investigate monster attacks on villages, help with supplies , etc. At the same time, we keep our eyes open and every time we find new secrets and skeletons in the closets. Overall, the story is catchy.

Account currency

If with a plot, atmosphere and style Alder blood everything is fine, the situation with the game is not so clear. It seems like all of the building blocks for success are in place: pumping, turn-based battles, survival items (we spend provisions to move around the map and maintain hunters) and the ability to camp at all. moment, when someone will take care, someone will rest, lick wounds and someone, to extract resources or manufacture materials.

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But if you look closely, you will find several weird solutions. Take, for example, the mechanics of the hunters’ sacrifice. The level of darkness here is constantly increasing, even in combat, increasing the power of monsters. And after each mission, the level of “corruption”, infection of hunters, increases. But, as I said before, when they use weapons, kill monsters or take damage, they get weaker: their characteristics decrease, they start to see and run worse, they recover more slowly at the stop, their resistance level decreases, the grooves are removed from inventory and so on.

Alder Blood game review

Usually there are always more enemies and they are “bigger”.

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He seems to be a fun mechanic who recalls Darker dungeonbut in Alder blood It is almost impossible to cure these disabled people. And almost everything gets very fast. So the turnover is very high – you do not have time to get used to someone, inflate him, and the character is already on the verge of insanity, and his weaknesses outweigh all the advantages. . Sacrifices reinforce the chosen newcomer, and new recruits must be hired constantly. That is to say, in all this, of course, there is something: such a situation fits into the grim atmosphere of desperate and doomed survival. But from a gaming perspective, this is a controversial mechanic that doesn’t allow you to properly feel the return of the characters.

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If they shoot you turn your back

Hence the second ambiguous solution. This seemingly tactical RPG, where you can find, buy, or craft a bunch of knives and guns, actually punishes us for trying to fight and use the entire arsenal. If this is done, the hunters will weaken more quickly and become slaughtered goats. Therefore, missions aimed directly at destroying someone Alder blood this is not enough, we basically have to find, take, study something, and in such situations it is better, more efficient (but not more efficient) to act “stealthily”, to hide in the tall grass and ‘try to avoid enemies.

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In the process, you can not only throw stones to distract opponents, but also use sound traps to throw nets that paralyze movement (to escape). In addition, you need to develop sixth sense to quickly detect monsters and control the direction of the wind, which stimulates your students’ scent: monsters can smell it. And what’s more, they listen perfectly (even when you reload weapons). In addition, among the opponents there are some very unpleasant and unusual creatures that act as security cameras, which, if they fall in their line of sight, sound the alarm.

Naturally, in almost every mission you have to kill someone if the enemy is really in the way and is not allowed to move. And the further into the forest, the more opponents there are on the map, the harder and harder it is to hide. Particularly considering the fact that resistance is actively spent for all active actions and to exit the accessible area in turn; if it drops to zero, the part freezes for a move.

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Alder Blood game review

So yesterday’s newcomer begins to weaken …

The tasks themselves are very monotonous: basically, “go from point A to point B then to the place of evacuation”. There are very few more or less interesting situations and conditions when, for example, you have to free people from cells or when Darkness constantly spawns new monsters behind you. So it turns out that they really don’t have a chance to fight, and the stealth, with all the cool mechanics (I’m talking about the wind and smell first) turns out to be pretty boring. There are of course exceptions, but I repeat, they are much less than we would like.

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The men ate meat, but little

The survival mechanisms were not recalled. Food can be obtained easily and in large quantities by setting up a camp in the city. The chances of a person attacking in the process are zero: at least three or four days or all week they sleep, get and get resources. And, as a rule, no one really urges us. And our inmate rooms eat little, especially if you’ve researched talents that reduce the need for food.

As a result, it is not necessary to take care of the food, it is not clear why they introduced this mechanic. Therefore, they ask for restrictions and penalties for a long rest. Yes, and the craft seem superfluous for the most part – you can get a lot of items as a reward or buy them as there are usually no issues with money. For the most part, they have to be spent to hire new hunters, but many youngsters are cheap, up to 200 coins, and their specs aren’t much different from those ready to work for 800 or 1000. Yes, the latter initially have better equipment, but, I repeat, already in the middle of the passage it is quite easy to get, buy or do almost anything you need.

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You can notice and freeze at any time.


Was originally configured to configure Alder blood “Recommendable”: an interesting story, concept, style and rich atmosphere that immediately catches your eye. But by our standards, a game where all is well with the plot and the style, but there are a lot of questions for the game, it is of course “Prohodnyak”. Just don’t think that in this case it’s a bad review and the call not to play. contrary to Alder blood at least deserves attention. Quite simply, not all of the writers’ playing decisions were right for me. Someone may like to hide from enemies according to a pattern and constantly change rooms. Well, or it won’t become a critical obstacle to the outcome of this dark and intriguing story.

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Benefits: fascinating plot; interesting environment saturated atmosphere; nice comic photo; background music

The inconvenients: many game decisions appear to be controversial; monotonous missions; Survival items appear to be sewn for display.

Source: The Verge