Alex Kidd strikes again, at the forefront of its most beloved game and looking better than ever. Alex Kidd in Miracle World returns in Deluxe quality with additional content and a renewed visual section. Of course, you won’t miss the classic sprites: at the touch of a button, Alex will return to his Master System appearance.

Time hardly passes by the legacy of SEGA, and the truth is that the company seems to be living a second youth thanks to its fans: one always assimilates how much Sonic Mania, the renewed Wonder Boy III or the new episode of Streets have summer. Rage. Everything is essential.

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However, the return of Alex Kidd is something a little more exceptional: The SEGA flag bearer until the arrival of the Supersonic Hedgehog was one of the most unjustly forgotten icons in video games.

Forgotten, but not absent. While Alex Kidd It has continued to appear in games such as Sega Superstars Tennis, the truth is that it has been present in current systems: in addition to being a regular on the virtual console, the classic Alex Kidd dans Miracle World is played on Switch with improvements thanks to the SEGA Ages label or Xbox One via the Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.

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Of course, the announcement of his deserved return takes place in a very unique context: this year marks three decades since the launch of Alex Kidd dans Shinobi World, his last game.

Because, by chance or not, Alex said goodbye through a colorful platform with which SEGA wanted to compete with Mario Bros himself on 8-bit consoles… And through a substitute for the mustached hero at the end of the premiere phase.

What is special about Alex Kidd? Here are eleven curiosities.

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The name of can ring more or less Alex Kidd, but the truth is that until the appearance of SEGA’s blue hedgehog, this cheerful character with huge ears was the right eye the company. And, for example, these eleven curiosities.

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SEGA has never denied that Alex was created to be an alternative Super Mario Bros., but their strategy was very different: unlike the Nintendo saga, every new game Alex Kidd It tried to offer a different platform experience than the previous one.

As always, there is one exception that proves the rule: in many ways, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle was a full-fledged sequel to Miracle World.

Screenshot 825

Now there is also a notable exception: Alex Kidd: the world of high tech was the westernized version of Anmitsu Hime, a manganime license unknown on this side of the world. SEGA changed the cover and sprites to launch the game beyond Japan.

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Another key to understanding this versatility as a character is that Alex had a relatively wide range of actions, upgrades, and transportation built into each phase, right from his first adventure.


On the other hand, although Alex Kidd stopped playing in games with the arrival of Sonic, it’s fair to keep in mind that he wasn’t the first SEGA pet. In reality, It was the fourth face of the company! Alex succeeded Opa Opa of the match Fantastic neighborhood.

Unnamed 2

On another side, Alex had a lot of cameos subtle in SEGA games. Even after Sonic arrived. It is possible to find his name on a tombstone of Modified beast, her face in a Sonic Riders Zero Gravity poster and even has her own collectible doll in Shenmue. To which must be added stellar entries with SEGA stars.

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Sonic All Star Racing transformé

However, his most memorable cameo was Segagaga, where Alex himself admits in the key to the anime how difficult it is to be replaced by another pet.

And speaking of cameos, as we saw above Super Mario is somehow present in the series Alex Kidd. Well, sort of: SEGA parodied Nintendo’s superstar via Kabuto, the first Final Boss of Alex Kidd dans Shinobi World. It shrinks even if damaged!

Screenshot 827

Alex Kidd dans Miracle World It was one of the most popular games for Master System II users, and there is an additional reason for this attachment: SEGA included a copy of the game in the internal memory of each console starting in 1990, so if they turned it on without a cartridge put the game appeared on the screen.

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Screenshot 826

Last curiosity and unavoidable, the bosses of Miracle world They weren’t defeated by fighting with them, but by playing rock, paper, or scissors. In the end, has everything been reduced to the luck factor? Well, playing a lot, we find certain patterns.

Alex Kidd’s comeback is in the hands of some Spanish fans

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SEGA’s 60th anniversary was filled with joy for the fans. And despite the fact that the 16-bit scene has been well-known for decades, there is quite a legacy to be reclaimed and even discovered. Alex Kidd is an essential part of this heritage.

Although it is more than proven that SEGA licenses delegated to third parties can bring joy, the truth is that the proposal of Alex Kidd dans Miracle World DX It’s a love letter to the past, but also a second chance to shine for a video game icon.

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The best? VidaExtra veterans got to see the project two years ago. José ‘Josyanf1’ Sanz and Héctor ‘Narehop’ Toro, two Spanish developers and avowed fans of the brave hero Seguero, started Alex Kidd dans Miracle World DX like a fan does a remake.


A fan’s dream and for the fans that in 2021 we will be able to play in a completely official way Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One et PC.

Because there are a lot of ways to gift a Deluxe version of a classic, but the way Merge Games and Jankenteam approached it is a total success: Everything that blew us away over 30 years ago is still in place. And also they promise new surprises, comprising:

  • New levels that expand the original plot.
  • New types of enemies
  • More variety of vehicles
  • New songs and remastered songs.
  • More game modes including Classic Mode and Boss Rush

All seasoned with a visual section that seeks to respect the identity of the classic by linking it to reinvent it. Respect and affection. Turn the whole thing into an overly greedy proposition for who played the original.

Screenshot 828

Because in 2020 we saw a lot of crazy things, crazy news and experienced things that last year would seem impossible. But the truth is that many of us never gave up hope to see this brave hero with huge ears smash the stones on the stick consoles.

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