Data records had taken a long hiatus, but now London’s SEGA vinyl experts are back with a double strike. Two classics go on sale Saturday, both featuring extraterrestrials.

Alien Storm was operated straight from the Mega Drive audio chip, which means you get true 16-bit glory. Keisuke Tsukahara knew how to use the audio chip in 1991 in such a way that you immediately recognized the console itself, but it was a small change in these compositions. Definitely not one of the most famous sheet music and I admit I wanted something different for the official number 20 on Data Disc, but that’s exactly how it is with the little indie labels. They just do what they like and not what the bastard wants. Terrible something like that. But I’m glad this soundtrack hasn’t been forgotten.

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The game itself… well, let’s call it one of those guilty pleasures this era is so rich in. Alien Storm isn’t very cool, it doesn’t beat or shoot very well and I would be surprised if this game made it into the top 50 on the Mega Drive. Okay for a few minutes and frankly yes the soundtrack deserved a better game.

The second version, number 21, is Alien Soldier and it’s a whole different league. It’s a treasure game, which automatically makes it mega-awesome and a timeless classic. When did Treasure do something wrong? Not on the Mega Drive, I can tell you that. You have a brutally difficult run-n-gun of the more complex kind that tastes all the tricks of Mega Drive, after all they were well known in 1995.

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This also applies to the sound chip, which Norio “NO” Hanzawa writes from the world and of an incredibly complex composition. Really hard, because a lot of this can only be truly achieved if you not only know the official chip ratings but also what happens when you taste your whims. One of the reasons mega-player emulators often fail when it comes to sound. The emulator can only do what the chip should do, not what you can force it to do with gentle force. Here, of course, the chip has been tapped directly, so that you get a dynamic action score, behind the wheel and still a bit outside of this world in the best quality.

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Why is there so much talk of a soundtrack that hasn’t been delivered yet? Because data discs have proven over 20 times that they label what they do and so far have provided no rivets. You can let the advanced laurels jump. Even though the company still denies the existence of gatefold covers and that the alien double soldier is in a briefcase. With fine art prints. Alien Storm is a unique disc, also with a goodie. As always, there are three versions of both soundtracks, a limited color press, a classic black, and a single color press. Prices are £ 21 for Alien Storm, 26 for Alien Soldier Doubles, which is pretty tame compared to some of its competition. The delivery costs are around £ 10.

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If you want the Collector’s Edition, I hope you’re already on the mailing list to get your pre-code which starts at 2pm Saturday. The second swing is then made public at 8:00 p.m. Limited items usually sell out pretty quickly, with normal editions you don’t have to worry. in the Data disc store you can also find other cool stuff like the Radiant Silvergun soundtrack.

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