Alienation – game review.

Which time aliens have taken over the world? This time, however, we will not fight tactically, but we will take our home by force, along with our closest comrades in arms.

Alienation – game review

On the day of PlayStation 4’s release, there were jokes in various circles saying that Housemarque had released the best launch title for this device. There is some truth in this, because with Resogun I had the best time among all the games that debuted with the new console. I knew then that this independent team could work wonders with particle effects. The explosions have never looked so beautiful in neon so I was looking forward to the next game coming from the Finnish team.

Alienation has finally come. A game whose name is seemingly associated with the older title of this studio – Dead Nation, but they are really only linked by the perspective and the skeleton of the game. Their older child, however, focused on tactics and an exorbitant level of difficulty. It is mainly about unfettered fighting with aliens and the festival of whistling balls all over the screen in an extremely effective way. To the magic cauldron, let’s add some Helldivers elements and a pinch of Diablo to get a full idea of ​​the new Housemarque game.

Alienation – game review

Diablo III: Helldivers

The plot is only an excuse to have fun and after watching the intro we stop worrying about it, and our ears only catch the goals of the next missions from the dialogues. In general, aliens attacked the Earth and practically conquered it. They did it diplomatically and peacefully, and the public, of course, has no idea about it, since all media are controlled by the invaders. We play the role of members of an elite unit that travels the world trying to take our planet from the invaders.

At the beginning of the game, we choose one of the three character classes. It’s a pity that so little, but they are quite varied, so in the end it doesn’t bother much. Each of them has its own set of skills that we develop as we progress in the game. The defender hits hard, and additionally equips himself and others with a shield. The Saboteur is quick, agile, and has a sword. If necessary, it can also summon air support, which immediately annihilates all the monsters running around the area. There is also a bio-specialist who heals, and you can’t do that without it. That’s why Alienation is best played in a groupalthough it may not be a necessity.

Alienation – game review

Here cit is mainly about unfettered fighting with aliens and a festival of whistling balls all over the screen in an extremely effective way.

Relax – you can play Alienation alone without any problems. Difficulty scales up quite nicely and I actually thought the game was even harder in a team than when playing alone. Of course there is nothing like having three friends shouting at each other while sitting on one channel … oh, sorry, this is one of the big drawbacks of the gamethere is no offline co-op. I don’t understand it at all, because it’s a perfect game to play in the same room. Helldivers had it. Diablo III had it. So why is this option missing from Alienation? Hopefully this oversight will be fixed with a patch.

Alienation – game review

There is no time to be bored

When I sat down to play, I was afraid of a bit of repetition and boredom. It’s true – there aren’t many spots yet, but they are really extensive. In addition, in addition to the main missions, they feature random challenges and bosses. also the developers have put a really large bestiary of monsters to smash into the game. They are not just the same models in different colors, but completely new aliens that also stand out with their skills. Each location is a completely different challenge. In one place we have to deal with a mass of insect-like creatures attacking swarms, while in another it is more empty, but we have snipers taking us down in two shots.

An important aspect of the game is also “loot”. When we destroy our own checkpoints and we have a higher level of difficulty, at the end of the mission, we receive more interesting rewards. They are of course random – similar to the Diablo series. However, the focus is not only on collectibles, as in other games of this type. Of course, they are important, because better weapons with a higher tier, naturally, have a much better chance of winning. Our weapons can be additionally developed with the help of cores found during the mission.

It’s hard to describe in words how good the various explosions and particle effects look as we wreak havoc among the alien hosts.

Alienation – game review

Contrary to appearances, only good fun counts here, and each game mechanic is so inseparable from the entire system that it does not stand out at the expense of another.

We have 20 story missions to play at the moment, after which additional game modes (e.g. challenges) are unlocked and we get the opportunity to play the game from scratch with much more difficult opponents. However, when we reach level 30 of our character, we get access to the final game, but I will not match the endgame to you.

War with aliens in neon light

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the graphics, and there is something for it, because Alienation looks really beautiful. It’s hard to describe in words how good the various explosions and particle effects look as we wreak fear among our successive alien hosts. This is especially visible in situations when we have a whole horde of enemies on the screen and use the most destructive tools, such as an air raid or a plasma rifle. Alienation is a real treat for the eyeand best of all, despite the enormity of beautiful effects, the game does not slow down for a moment.

Alienation – game review

So if you like nice and effective games, and you are looking for something to play on the Internet, the latest Housemarque game is the perfect title for you. Alienation is completely different from its predecessors, draws inspiration from good sources and draws you like a swamp.