All about Monster Hunter Generations.

Monster Hunter fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of Monster Hunter Generations this summer on Nintendo 3DS family systems can get ready for the most customizable experience in the series to date. New gameplay mechanics, such as individualized hunting styles and impressive hunting techniques, join the new Catcher mode in the next installment of a series that has sold more than 36 million units worldwide.

For the first time in Monster Hunter history, players will be able to change how they play through Hunting Styles and equip themselves with unique special abilities called Hunting Techniques. With Hunting Styles, players will be able to tailor the way they play to their hunter, choosing from four very different styles. Whether it’s riding monsters with “Air Style” or making the most of hunting techniques with “Battering Ram Style”, each player will find a style of play to suit them. Each hunting style has unique moves and attacks that are only available to that particular style, encouraging players to experiment and find the one that best suits the way they play with each of the 14 weapon types available in the game. .

On the other hand, hunting techniques are spectacular special moves that can provide anything from an intense offensive burst, to a quick escape from an attack, or even a healing boost, very useful for the hunter and his teammates. Unleashing a hunting technique at the right time can make all the difference in tough battles against powerful monsters. However, you can only equip a limited number of hunting techniques, so you will have to be very strategic when choosing the one that best suits your style of play.

All about Monster Hunter Generations

In addition to mastering the new mechanics by playing as a hunter, players can take on quests as a Felyne in the new Catcher mode. These loyal and furry companions now have the opportunity to play the leading role, being able to be controlled directly by the players and tackle any mission in the game in single or multiplayer mode, as well as a selection of missions designed especially for them. Players can quickly and easily switch to Catcher mode from home, take two support comrades on missions, and even join other hunters in local and online co-op.

Gatherers enjoy unlimited energy, which means they don’t need a medium steak to replenish their stamina charge. Carrying their own supply of healing acorns, Gatherers can replenish their health with a quick bite and don’t need to lug around potions like Hunters. Finding resources such as critter hunting, fishing, and mining is also easier than ever when playing as a scavenger, allowing advanced players to spend more time on hunting quests or forging and leveling up scavengers. Hundreds of weapons and armor available.

All about Monster Hunter Generations

With its revamped gameplay mechanics, overall ease of use, and the ability to take part in any of the single-player and multiplayer missions, Catchers are the perfect introduction to the game for newcomers to the series and the ideal tonic for newcomers to the game. combat-hardened hunters looking for something a little different.

As if these updates weren’t enough, Monster Hunter Generations will also include:

All about Monster Hunter Generations

A lineup of challenging new monsters, including the Damned Four – an elite group of powerful monsters that pose a huge threat to each of the game’s four towns – as well as the return of some popular monsters from previous installments.

Deviant special monsters, including the return of the Earth Tyrant and Scythe Tigrex, come with new traits and abilities to challenge even the most veteran of hunters.

All about Monster Hunter Generations

21 different hunting locations, combining new locations with improved fan favorites, including some never before seen in the West.

Collaborative content, including collaboration outfits and weapons for themed hunters and hunters, based on popular series like Fire Emblem and more.

Local and online cooperative mode for up to four players who can team up and hunt together as hunters and hunters. The possibility of obtaining tickets via StreetPass to access special missions of deviant monsters. Players can also send and receive customizable Guild Cards via StreetPass. Players with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate data saved on their Nintendo 3DS system will receive an Earth Tyrant Bonus Item Pack, including an exclusive set of Companion Armor. , potions, in-game currency, and more when you play Monster Hunter Generations on the same console.

All about Monster Hunter Generations

The Nintendo 3DS touch screen allows immediate access to in-game maps and move to lock onto the biggest monsters. New Nintendo 3DS owners will also be able to use the functionality of the C stick and mappable controls for Hunting Techniques with the ZL and ZR buttons. With a mix of new and updated features, bringing a new twist to the game. Traditional Monster Hunter gameplay, Monster Hunter Generations will offer new challenges for even the most experienced hunters.