IIDEA, the association representing the video game industry in Italy, today announces the birth of Tuttosuivideogiochi.it, the first national portal dedicated to parents, educators and anyone who wants to know more about the world of video games. The site will give you the opportunity to find information, seek advice from professionals in different fields and delve into all the issues surrounding this popular form of entertainment, with the aim of making people understand not only the importance of to be informed, but also to play with your children.

Video games are now an integral part of the daily life of Italian families. According to the latest annual industry report, in 2019 17 million Italians played video games in 2019, especially in the younger age groups (11-24 years old). 67% of video games sold on the Italian market (and 57% of games sold) are suitable for ages 3 to 12 (PEGI 3, PEGI 7, PEGI 12). Often, however, parents do not have a great knowledge of the medium and do not have the tools to understand it and use it better with their children.

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« Tuttosuivideogiochi.it wants to be an industry response to the ever increasing need for information on the world of video games of Italian families. In France, video games are more and more used for fun, learning, competing and also for exercise. But those who exercise an educational function are not always able to understand the passion of their children and to fully exploit the potential offered by video games.” He declares Marco Saletta, President of IIDEA. ” With this portal, we want to provide Italian families with a concrete tool to orient themselves on the subject. Video games are not only a means of entertainment, but they are also more and more an instrument of sociability and learning.« .

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The portal was created by IIDEA with the support of GO, a non-profit organization that manages the pan-European classification system for PEGI video games, and is part of a network of similar projects already in existence in several European countries, such as Ask About Games in Great Britain, PédaGoJeux in France, The Good Gamer in Spain. The project was carried out in the wake of the recommendations contained in the guidelines for the implementation of the Regulation on the classification of video games for the protection of minors adopted in 2019 by the AGCOM – Communications Guarantee Authority.

« PEGI is pleased to have supported the development of Tutto sui Videogiochi, a trusted source of information for parents who can thus make the right choices regarding one of the most important forms of entertainment for their children.” He declares Simon Little, CEO of PEGI sa “If parents have questions or concerns about their children’s relationship with video games, anything about video games can help them identify the right approach. All the tools necessary to start a constructive dialogue on the use of family video games are available on the portal, in addition to the rules to be put in place and to be respected for a correct use.« .

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For the launch of the initiative, the IIDEA decided to involve it as an exceptional testimony Benedetta parodi: TV presenter, writer and journalist, Benedetta Parodi decided to collaborate on this initiative because of her parental experience.

« I think this initiative is very important because it is essential that parents are aware of how their children are spending time. The passion for this form of entertainment can build a common bridge with children, and now that many adults who grew up watching videos are starting families, it is happening more and more often, but it is not enough.«, Comment Benedetta Parodi. »Investigation is very important for many reasons, not only to consciously choose the right games for each age, but also to speak the same language, dispel doubts and fears, use video games as a tool for socialization and aggregation .« .

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The site will host content designed by parents for parents, from the “Family Video Games” section of Federico Cella, authoritative signature of Corriere della Sera and video game expert, who will offer a reasoned analysis of a title on a monthly. collaboration of an expert. For the launch of the portal, the latest chapter of the popular Nintento Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch, has been chosen, one of the most popular new products in recent months. The journal was co-authored with Manuela Cantoia, associate professor of applied cognitive psychology at eCampus University.

In addition to reviews, the portal will also contain a section with tabs of the main versions of interest to young audiences provided directly by video game publishers and updated month by month. A large area will also be devoted to the classification of video games, with a search tool to find the PEGI classification of video games on the market and to parental control systems, in order to educate families on the best way to use them. .

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Another fundamental part of the portal will be the “Guides”, designed to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding video games and also downloadable in PDF format. To kick off the project, we’ll start with some of the most frequently asked questions parents have: how to choose a suitable video game for their kids, how to monitor playtime, how to manage in-game purchases, how to limit interactions with other online players, what esport is, a phenomenon more and more appreciated by the younger generations

Tuttosuivideogiochi.it is based on the positive collaboration of many actors from the private and public sectors and triggers a virtuous circle of synergies to strengthen the role of video games in the development of young generations and in many other areas such as family, school, health and work.

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From this point of view, the “Expert Answers” ​​section is important, where parents will have the opportunity to ask questions to selected experts in various fields such as psychology, sociology and medicine, and the section dedicated to in-depth analysis (“Find out more”), which will consist of articles edited by professionals from different disciplines on different thematic areas. The first contributions available at the launch of the site will be signed by Giacinto Barresi, post-doc researcher in neuroergonomics and user experience at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa, Manuela Cantoia, associate professor of applied cognitive psychology at the University eCampus, Ivan Ferrero, new technology psychologist and Donatella Solda, co-author of the National Digital School Plan and now director of Future Education Modena.

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