Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Riot Games and League of Legends, we got to see a ton of new games, finally justifying the s behind Riot Games! Riot did not take it easy with the announcements, and immediately decided to reveal six games and an Animated Series. Roedie lists everything and that’s A LOT!

For ten years people joked about the fact that Riot Games could be better called Riot Game, since they only have League of Legends in their portfolio. Admittedly, League of Legends is a huge game that is already grabbing the attention of a huge studio, but things have changed, as Riot Games finally becomes real Riot Games! They have not announced one new game, but – depending on how you look at it – no less than six fresh titles!

A card game, a mobile version of League of Legends, a fighting game, Teamfight Tactics for mobile, an Esports management game, a shooter, an Animated Series and a lot of changes to League of Legends itself. Riot announced it all in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Riot Games and League of Legends. So it is an understatement to say that they did a lot of work! Let’s take a look at all the new projects that Riot Games is currently working on.

Legends of Runeterra

After the success of Hearthstone and Gwent, it’s now up to Riot to come up with a deck of cards based on a universe they’ve created. Legends of Runeterra is the name, and many League of Legends fans can now finally cross an old wish off the list.

After watching the video in which the game is explained, you probably don’t understand much of the game yet. You can immediately see that the animations are very beautiful. The champions of League of Legends are of course central to this. Not all champions have their own card in the beginning, but we can assume that this is only a matter of time. Just look at the number of cards that Blizzard continues to add to Hearthstone.

What we already see now include cards from Jinx, Yasuo, Lux, Darius and Braum. They all have their own abilities that come into their own in different ways on the cards, and when you see the cards you notice that they have all kept their own identities. Yasuo still has an aggressive playing style and Braum has a defensive attitude.

You can already register for early access to Legends of Runeterra, and the game is already available for download. When you get access depends on various things, such as your playing time on League of Legends. Several streamers are already working on the game on Twitch. For more information and a look at the first maps, click here.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends is finally coming to your mobile! In recent years we’ve seen plenty of attempts at successful League of Legends clones, some quite convincing, but of course no one can do it better than Riot Games itself.

Now they are finally working on it. The mobile version of League of Legends is called League of Legends: Wild Rift and the game will be released for Android and iOS later in 2020. It’s not about the full game as League of Legends is too big to port to a mobile device. The map looks a bit different and some gameplay mechanics have been changed for faster games. For example, we see Vi once use her ult at level 5, while that is normally only possible at level 6. The increase in pace is welcome, as you don’t like to spend thirty to 45 minutes per game with a mobile game. The controls are also different (of course, because you don’t have a keyboard).

Judging from the trailer, quite a lot of mechanics have remained the same, although one of the most noticeable changes is Ashe’s ult. She shoots a huge arrow, but unlike the PC version, you can control the arrow while it flies. These kinds of changes are bound to occur in more champions.

At launch, there are 40 of the 145 champions in the game, although more champions will be added later. Also in this mobile version is a ranked mode. You can link your Riot account to Wild Rift to get bonuses for the time you invested in the PC version. So you don’t have the same collection as on PC, and cross-play is not possible. Alpha and beta versions of Wild Rift will be distributed in China later this year, with other regions to follow later. The game is also coming to consoles some time after the mobile version is out all over the world. Wild Rift is a free game, although you can also buy champions and skins with real money.

Arcane: Animated Series

Riot Games itself is going to develop an Animated Series about the League of Legends universe, although the animation will be done by Fortiche Productions. In the past we have already seen a large number of animation films from Riot Games, especially about the lore of the champions or for films in preparation for the world championship.

Now League of Legends is getting its own Animated Series that goes deeper into the lore of Runeterra, the world in which League of Legends takes place, than ever before. In the trailer, we may see Jinx and Vi in their childhood, although no names are mentioned and so we can’t know for sure. For the people who don’t know, Jinx and Vi are sisters (not 100% confirmed, but almost certain) who have had a… separate childhood (resulting in their crazy personalities). Perhaps the relationship of these two characters is central, although it is hoped that we will see more than two of the 145 champions in the series!

We don’t have much information about Arcane yet. The series will be released in 2020, so that will not take very long. How many episodes and seasons are coming? Maybe they don’t even know it at Riot Games themselves yet.

Project A: A shooter from Riot Games

The next game that Riot Games announced has nothing to do with League of Legends at all. They show about a minute of gameplay from a shooter they call Project A, clearly a working title. Judging by the gameplay, the game is still in a very early development phase, so we don’t have to expect too much from this for now.

Project A appears to be some sort of mix between Overwatch and Call of Duty. The animation style and some abilities may be familiar to Overwatch players, while the weapons and fairly realistic environment are more like Call of Duty. The voice-over calls Project A a ‘character-based tactical shooter’. The game is competitive, takes place in a near-future world, and features a deadly roster of characters, each with their own unique abilities. “This is our take on a competitive shooter,” says the voice-over. Just like League of Legends, Riot Games promises to be working on this years after launch, so we can assume that about the same model will be used as with Overwatch. That means new characters, maps and other updates regularly to keep the game fun.

Nothing is said about a release yet, probably because the game is still far from us. 2021 or even 2022 doesn’t seem like such a crazy release period at all.

League of Legends fighting game

A four-second teaser is of course very short, but we have to make do with the announcement of a League of Legends fighting game. In the teaser we see Ahri recording Darius, before the image changes to a map seen from above. Then the teaser ends immediately, so nobody knows exactly what this means. The game doesn’t have a name yet and we don’t know anything about it for the four seconds of gameplay, but it’s interesting news nonetheless!

Rumors of a League of Legends fighting game have been circulating in the LoL community for years, although previously it may have been mostly based on hope. Now the game is finally here, although we will probably have to wait a while for it. A 2021 or 2022 release is not unrealistic.

League of Legends Esports Manager

Do you like Football Manager a bit? Then LoL Esports Manager is definitely something for you. In LoL Esports Manager you step into the shoes of a coach of a top-tier League of Legends team. The game will be released sometime in 2020 and in the beginning you can get started with the LPL, the Chinese League of Legends competition. After that, other teams from all over the world are slowly added.

As a coach of an esports team, you make important choices regarding the strategy, the picks and bans for a game, and the assembly and management of your team. You can play the game in two ways: through the eyes of a single main character, or by taking on friends and other players in ranked mode.

We do not yet know how profound this game will be, because we have not received any images yet. For (slightly) more information, click here.

Teamfight Tactics mobile

Of all the announcements, Teamfight Tactics for mobile seems to be the closest, although of course Riot doesn’t have to create an entirely new game in this case. Teamfight Tactics appeared earlier this year as a new way to play League of Legends, based on the popular Auto Chess. The game is expected to be ‘coming soon’, so we can probably still use TFT on mobile before the end of 2019.

Unlike the mobile version of League of Legends itself, TFT for mobile is the full version of the game. This means that cross play is also possible. TFT is still heavily supported by Riot and more content will be added in the coming period. If you’re not really familiar with TFT yet, the mobile version might be the ideal way to tackle it.

Check the website for the latest updates.

Preseason 2020: Rise of the Elements

After all those announcements, you might think League of Legends itself has been put aside by Riot for a while, but the opposite is true. The League of Legends player base is of course far too big to forget for a moment, and Riot understands that. Preseason 2020 is upon us, and here are the highlights:

Elemental Rifts

The first major change is an adaptation to the Summoner’s Rift map, where the popular 5v5 mode takes place. Riot describes it as Rise of the Elements, or Elemental Rifts. Every game of Summoner’s Rift looks different, depending on the dragon taking over the map. The third dragon to spawn in a game changes the map to its own style. From then on, that’s the only dragon to appear for the rest of the game. Each dragon creates (or removes) new bushes and roads that have never been in the map before.

  • Infernal Rift: New paths are opened at the buffs as the bushes are burned.
  • Ocean Rift: Existing bushes are enlarged, new bushes grow and water takes over certain areas of the map.
  • Cloud Rift: Wind blows in spots in the jungle and near the dragon pit, giving players walking through it a speed boost.
  • Mountainous Rift: Rock rises from the ground, revealing new walls in the map. This gives the player the opportunity to perform certain combos better.

The buffs that these dragons give have also been thoroughly overhauled, but we will not go into that here.

  • Elder Dragon: Still gives a short damage buff, but the dragons you acquired earlier will be replaced with an execution clause. This is an attack that you can use on enemy champions, and if they are below a certain percentage of lives, you kill them with one stone! This is what that execution looks like.
  • Side lanes: By making minor adjustments to the side lanes, Riot hopes to add new outplay capabilities to the map. Exactly how players can make good use of these places is difficult to see, but players with more talent can think of something.
  • Bushes: Two new bushes are added near the Blue buff on either side of the map, providing some new outplay possibilities. It also ensures that you have to think more carefully about placing your wards.

This is not all, as a lot of gameplay changes are also being made. Think of the path the Jungler takes, the influence of the Top Laner, Support Items, Lethality Items and more. The full list can be viewed here.

The New champion: Senna

We end this laundry list of changes and new games with a new champion for League of Legends, but it’s not just any champion. Lucian’s wife, Senna, is central to one of the most famous backstories in League of Legends. The Support champion Thresh stole Senna’s soul in a fight with Lucian and Senna, and Thresh has trapped her in his lantern ever since. This is referred to in several ways in the game when playing Lucian or Thresh. So now Senna is finally coming to League of Legends as a champion. 

In the beautifully animated video, we see how Senna finally manages to escape from Thresh’s lantern after all these years. We don’t know anything about her abilities and role yet, but new information will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming weeks.

We don’t see many of these games released yet, but it’s nice to know what Riot Games is working on. We are sure to hear more about these games in the near future, so League of Legends fans have more than enough to look forward to!