Despite the complications of a year 2020 To forget due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple managed not only to maintain the launch rhythm but also to space them in time: more keynotes than ever (especially in recent months) and products that began to appear even in March. They also told us about a third hardware transition to their own Apple Silicon chips, materialized in the first Macs with M1 processors that we were able to discover in November.

2021 will continue to be a year with many challenges for Apple, from which we expect surprises

The challenges do not end. And, although 2020 changed our lives and companies had to adapt, 2021 can still be complicated, but full of surprises. Apple should continue the transition of its Mac range to Apple Silicon, and there may be several products pending to hit the market, affected by the production pattern of the previous year. Will we finally see AirTags, or even a redesigned iMac?

2021 for Apple could bring even more news

In this first podcast of 2021 we have the collaboration by Victor Abarca, YouTuber of technology and lifestyle, and with experience both in the Apple world and its events. Together with him, we drew up the road map of which would be these surprises that we could start to see as soon as a couple of months from now, because it looks like it will a very important year to the company.

To do this, we have divided this 2021 in two “acts”: the first half would go from January to WWDC21, and the second from the September keynote until the end of the year. In 2020 we already verified that Apple no longer takes the first months of the year easy, and as you will hear in the podcast, by this March we could discover even more surprises …

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