All Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 rumors.

A few more nights of sleep and E3 begins! Microsoft is going to unveil the new Xbox One, called Project Scorpio. How high are the expectations for the presentation exactly? And what rumors are circulating around the Xbox One and Scorpio E3 line-up? PeterKoelewijn will find out!

E3 expectations and rumors are classified by credibility. Hence 3 categories: certainty, doubt and despair. A system so simple, even the NS wants to take over!

All Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 rumors


  • Microsoft immediately opens the presentation with the reveal of Project Scorpio. A lot of time is spent on the technical details. The price and release date will also be revealed immediately. We already know the specs (check) + the specs of the devkit (check check) but from the release date we only know that it is this fall.
  • Expect Microsoft to also show the difference in graphics from Xbox One games that are already out.
  • Sea of ​​Thieves will be shown and hopefully also playable at the fair.
  • State of Decay 2 seems a certainty because the game is still planned for this year.

  • Halo 6 will not be officially revealed, but Microsoft has confirmed that the sci-fi franchise will be present in some way. Exciting!
  • Forza Motorsport 7 has not yet been officially confirmed but it may be the biggest contender to be revealed at the show.
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War gets prepped for the Scorpio. Expect Microsoft to play this title during the conference.
  • In recent years, Microsoft has opted for a mix of Triple A games and new indie games. So expect a few fresh new IP from small studios.
  • Cuphead comes by again. Only Scorpio is powerful enough to show the 1930s cartoon animations in their full glory!


  • Hint of a new Gears of War or DLC for Gears of War 4.
  • Crackdown 3 is finally being revealed again. Because seriously, when else? How better to show the power of Scorpio than with a game in which everything can be destroyed?


  • Project Scorpio is released simultaneously worldwide. Because uh … Microsoft has learned from the last time, right? When we had to drive like idiots to Germany to get an Xbox One?
  • Scalebound is once again announced and will be led by a new studio. Microsoft has extended the copyright, which is not a crazy move because you don’t want another studio to run off with the name already. However, there is a rumor that Microsoft is having the game made by another studio. Will it happen?
  • Rockstar hardly ever shows anything at E3, or will Microsoft have thrown enough money on the table this year to use Red Dead Redemption 2 for the presentation?
  • Everyone in the audience gets a Scorpio Xbox for free!

And those are the most prominent expectations and rumors surrounding the Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 presentation, with Project Scorpio at the forefront of course. Expect this week about the other presentations as well. E3 will start soon!

When does the Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 conference start?

Date: Sunday June 11

All Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 rumors

Time: 11:00 PM

Location: Galen Center Livestream: Xbox

All Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 rumors

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