All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance.

The time has come, the second Summer games from Overwatch have started! For this special occasion, the heroes should dress appropriately. Tingle has listed all the new outfits for you here.

Reaper Biker

Reaper looks tougher than ever. He can go into the French Alps for a bit of BMX. The highlight must be the ripped cape with the logo that is a bit reminiscent of the Punisher, which unfortunately is not visible in this image. He deserves a cameo in RageSquid’s new game Decenders!

All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance

Sombra Tulum

The summer is of course very nice, but for some sometimes just a bit too hot. That’s why Sombra decides to exchange her black robe for a colorful diving suit. She can cool off in the sea at her leisure.

All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance

McCree Lifeguard

Keep him in your pants ladies, McCree is going full boy band with his blonde hair. He also puts on his prettiest red swimsuit, complete with belt and everything you need to survive a day at the beach. With his new weapon, the ‘Desert Seagull’, he protects you from any sea monsters that may come out of the sea! Maybe he secretly hopes that Sombra needs some help …

All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance

Widowmaker Côte D’azur

All those sporty outfits. Summer is meant to relax! At least that’s clearly what Widowmaker thinks. She is not difficult and just puts on a comfortable bikini. Bring on those ___tails!

All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance

Junkrat Cricket

All skins clearly show how much love Blizzard puts into their characters, but this is the highlight of the new collection. Junkrat is a real cricket fanatic and this is fully reflected in his latest outfit. His right leg is a cricket racket and his new weapon shoots exploding cricket balls. By the way, his head is not on fire for a change. He can probably appreciate.

Mercy Winged Victory

It looks like Mercy didn’t quite understand the dress code. This is not exactly summery, nonetheless a greasy skin inspired by ancient Greece. She prefers to spend her summer in the shade with a nice bunch of grapes, probably next to Widowmaker.

All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance

Soldier: 76 Grillmaster

No summer is complete without a BBQ and let’s have a great cook here. He takes his grilling skills as seriously as his fights. His apron with the hilarious pun ‘Raise the steaks’ offers the perfect solution to any BBQ-related problem. And if you want extra salt on your ham steak, he will grab his ‘A.salt rifle’ for a moment. Prepare yourself for a dinner you will never forget.

All Overwatch Summer Games skins at a glance