All Romances in Greedfall (Free with PS Plus in January).

These are the four Greedfall romance options, which missions you must complete and which branches of dialogue you must choose, from one of the free games of January 2021 on PS Plus.

The January 2021 PS Plus games are now available on PS4 and PS5, and among them is Greedfall, a Spiders action RPG, similar to Dragon Age, set in 17th century Europe. If you take the opportunity now to discover the game (or you have it on Xbox One or PC, where it is also available), we are going to explain all the romance options of the game.

All Romances in Greedfall (Free with PS Plus in January)

Greedfall has five possible companions, and with four of them we can start romances. The romances are preceded by three missions, after which we can invite them to our residence, where we are given the choice to continue with the relationship.

Keep in mind that once you commit to a character, you won’t be able to go back. Even if you’ve completed all three missions and stayed with the character, you can still back out. Completing the romance will change your reputation with that character.

All Romances in Greedfall (Free with PS Plus in January)

All Greedfall romances


Male and female characters may have romances with Vasco. The mission “A Name for a Family” begins, which you can do as soon as you speak with Constantin in the palace of Nueva Serene. The other two missions open later. These are the dialogues that you must choose after completing each mission.

  • A Name for a Family: Ask him if he has any happy memories.
  • Family Reunion: Tell him that this meeting allowed him to make sure.
  • Forever a Naut: Tell him you wish you could sail with him again.


Only female characters can have romance with Kurt. The mission “Missing in action” can be done again after reaching the palace of Nueva Serene. For the second mission, you must also complete “Old Countries in a New World”. For the third, you must have completed the mission “Treason!”. These are the dialogues:

All Romances in Greedfall (Free with PS Plus in January)
  • Missing in Action: Tell him it was like that so you could understand him better.
  • Amongst the Ghosts: Tell him about a childhood memory with Constantin.
  • Settling Scores: Tell him you’d like to join.


Only male characters can have romance with Aphra. To find it you must have visited the two embassies and completed the mission “Scholars in the Expedition”. The first mission leaves when you finish “The Battle of the Red Spears”. These are the dialogues:

  • Islander Knowledge: Tell him about the two young men
  • Cave of Knowledge: Tell him that you feel you have learned a lot.
  • The Linking Ritual: Tell him that you would like to be a part of it.


Male and female characters can have romance with Fiora. Their missions also open after completing “The Battle of the Red Spears”.

All Romances in Greedfall (Free with PS Plus in January)
  • Find Queen Bladnid: Talk to her about having to say goodbye to your own mother.
  • Primses Set in Stone: Tell him that seems logical, given his culture.
  • The Queen’s Farewell: Tell him you’d understand if he had to help his people.

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