All the advantages of the Apple Watch Series 6.

Last September, Apple presented its new digital watches: the Apple Watch Series 6. Even though it is the best smartwatch in its category so far, it has still received some criticism from Apple users due to few updates or news. compared to its previous model. However, it has a new system, WatchOS 7 and that, like every new model that Apple releases, brings news.

At the moment the device does not count for entertainment application. But you can make payments for these through the Apple Pay payment application. In the latest additions, companies like PokerStars allow their users to make payments through this method. Here are the new features of the latest digital watch model, along with the general benefits of having an Apple Watch like paying with Apple Pay.

New features of Apple Watch Series 6

All the advantages of the Apple Watch Series 6

The clearest novelty compared to its previous model is that it already comes with the new built-in operating system. The previous watches will have to wait for the WatchOS 7 update. Some of the news are more customization options for our watch faces, which will allow us to fully customize our watch, giving it the appearance of a watch beyond its technological use, and greater ease of access to our favorite apps.

Also, the Apple WatchSeries 6 It brings with it the sleep analysis function through micro-movements of the breath during our hours of sleep, something very practical in recent times to control the hours of sleep and its quality. While it is true that you have to tell the watch when you go to sleep and when you get up (just like with the iPhone), this may be an issue to consider for the next version of the market’s favorite SmartWatch.

All the advantages of the Apple Watch Series 6

On the other hand, a very important detail that they have taken into account is the charging of the device. With this new version, the watch itself detects the charge levels and its habits to notify the user when to charge it. Even if an hour before going to sleep it discovers that the battery level is low, it notifies us so that we can charge it before going to sleep and have a 100% battery the next day. A feature that at first glance is not one of the best, but that will undoubtedly be of great help to all those clueless people who forget to charge their Apple Watch.

Finally, what is considered the best feature of the Apple Watch Series 6 according to users: the oximeter. Although specialized medical devices can never be replaced to carry out oxygen measurements in our body, in favor of Apple it must be said that it is a very wise thing to include an oximeter in our digital watch. Although it is not as precise as a medical device, it is much more accurate than, for example, the step counter of other devices from other brands, be it mobile phones or smart watches. The Apple Watch Series 6 oximeter measures the oxygen saturation in our blood, that is, the percentage of oxygen that our blood carries from the lungs to the rest of the body.

All the advantages of the Apple Watch Series 6

The advantages of having an Apple Watch Series 6

Beyond all the updates and news that we have presented and that this new version incorporates, Apple Watch already had great advantages in these devices: connecting our phone with the watches through the cell phone, paying with the watch itself through Apple Pay , the characteristic design of Apple, autonomy, etc., this new version of the Apple Watch brings what is perhaps the best advantage: a low cost version. The Apple Watch SE It presents us with everything we want for less, from €299. Without a doubt, a great success on the part of Apple.

All the advantages of the Apple Watch Series 6