Apple had paralyzed beta updates for a few days, but everything made sense: it was developing a new version: iOS 13.5 which incorporates the COVID-19 exposure tracking system that the company developed with Google as the main novelty. We know that Apple has been developing this version for some time because the available beta is the third, which means that two beta versions of iOS 13.5 have been tested internally.

This new version is now available for developers and users registered in the public beta program the company. The main novelty is the COVID-19 monitoring function, Perot there are other improvements adapted to the current situation as we know it.

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What’s new with iOS 13.5

This is an important release and we wouldn’t be surprised by anything released in a few weeks, the news is important and should hit all users as soon as possible.

Contact tracking and exposure notification API

This is the main new feature that we find in iOS 13.5 and will allow users who authorize its use to notify us if we have had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. This API is also compatible with Android devices and will allow government health agencies to create contact tracing app to fight coronavirus. This API is important because the restrictions in iOS do not allow these types of functions to protect privacy.

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Apple and Google have been working on a system that maintains user anonymity, it works as follows. Our IPhone or Android smartphone can detect smartphones of other users and both will share a unique code that changes every 15 minutes. Each device will save two lists, one with its own codes and one with those others have shared with it. When a user infected with COVID-19 is registered in one of the official health apps, his smartphone dials all the codes he has shared and devices that have registered one of these numbers in his list will be notified of “contact possible with a sick person. .

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Facial identification improvements with a mask

Another of the current issues that have arisen is related to facial identification and the use of masks. As normal Face ID does not recognize us correctly if we are wearing a mask that covers half of our face, but Apple wanted to fix this problem in iOS 13.5.


Our iPhone will now detect if we are wearing a mask automatically and instead of trying to unlock the device by Face ID will ask us directly for the unlock codeThis way, we won’t have to try to unlock the iPhone multiple times until it is requested.

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FaceTime improvements

FaceTime is one of the most used apps right now during lockdown to make video calls with friends and acquaintances. FaceTime supports up to 32 concurrent users, but it had a function that made more than one person mad.


Each user appears in a box in FaceTime, but the one speaking is automatically maximized. This feature can be useful for knowing who is speaking, but it can be very irritating when many are talking at the same time and all the images get smaller and smaller every few seconds. You can disable this feature in the settings

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Source: Techradar