Apple released beta number 4 for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 yesterday afternoon, the company is releasing a new beta every two weeks where improvements are included and bugs are fixed. The purpose of these updates is have iOS 14 ready for release after summer.

IOS 14 beta 3 came with over 25 different new features, and this beta 4 includes some major improvements. Although this is only a first approximation and other improvements will surely be discovered over the days. Let’s start analyzing all the news we found in iOS 14 beta 4.

iOS 14 beta 4: the most important news

With each beta, Apple introduces new features, many of which are not visible to users and focus on developers. is iOS 14 beta 4 It is not the one that has brought us the most novelties, even if it is true that with the passage of the betas, less and less new will arrive.

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  • Widget Apple TV. Widgets are one of the big news in iOS 14 and Apple continues to improve and incorporate new widgets. In beta 3 came the Clock widget and in beta 4 came the TV app widget.

  • Exposure notification API is enabled. In iOS 14 the exposure notification has been disabled and in this new beta it can already be used, it now also has a new section in the settings.

  • Research has improved. Spotlight searches changed in iOS 14 to improve results, and in Beta 4 it improves by intelligently displaying the results we are most interested in at the top.
  • New welcome screen for notes. Every app and new feature includes a welcome screen, in other beta versions welcome screens have been included for widgets or the app library, in beta 4 we have a new screen in Notes.

  • Return of 3D Touch. For some reason, in the previous beta 3D Touch was disabled, in beta 4 it is already active again.

  • New icons in the Weather app. The icons showing the weather forecast have changed slightly in this beta.

iOS 14 beta 4 hour

  • The background of the Reminders widget is gray instead of black in dark mode. A slight change which modifies the design of this widget when activating the dark mode.
  • Automatic person height detection in latest iPad Pro with LiDAR. A very cool feature that takes advantage of the LiDAR sensor capabilities of the iPad Pro, which will surely hit the iPhone 12 Pro this year as well.

These are the main new features that we found in the beta 4 of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, some of them are more a bug fix and some are slight design improvements. Little by little, iOS 14 is improving to be ready throughout the month of September for its release to all users.

Source : Techradar