All the secret places in Apple Park we saw at WWDC20

Apple yesterday celebrated one of the best WWDCs we can remember, and the most curious of all is that it was an exclusive online event, so it was not live. It seems that Apple had time to plan the opening speech and chose many scenarios in different places in Apple Park, many secrets so far.

The WWDC20 keynote was pretty dynamic and almost every new product or operating system was presented in a different place in Apple Park. We will go through the keynote point by point showing you special places Apple has chosen for each system.

The places in the Apple Park that we were able to “visit” during the opening speech of WWDC20

If you followed the event, you will know that the first part of it was located at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, without audience, but with different locations within the theater. Apple wanted simulate entry to the Steve Jobs Theater as if we were just another developer, entering the large glass cylinder and descending the stairs to access the large amphitheater. There was Tim Cook, who started talking about current issues, first about racism and after COVID-19.

Tim cook

This is the first place we see in the speech, although those of us who follow Apple conferences are already quite used to it. Tim has given way to Craig Federighi, who has been responsible for delivering the opening speech for several years. Craig was also at the Steve Jobs Theater, but in the outdoor area, where the new devices are usually located so the press can test them.

Craig Federighi

Federighi presented iOS 14 and all the colleagues who participated in the demonstration, Yael Garten, Stacey Lysik and Meg Frost, were in the same place. Before we finish the iOS presentation, we make the first trip at the Apple Park garage In which Emily Schubert presents CarKey, a new way to open your car with the iPhone.

apple park garage

When we returned from the garage, we continued to the Steve Jobs Theater, but one floor higher with a magnificent view of the Apple Park Grove. This is where Craig, Josh Shaffer and Jenny Chen will present iPadOS 14 and Mary-Ann Ionascu news related to AirPods.

apple park

Once these presentations are over, it’s our turn go to Apple Park Fitness Center, located in a corner next to two basketball courts. In this exclusive place for employees, Kevin Lynch welcomes us to talk about watchOS 7. In this place we also see Julz Arney and Vera Carr to talk about all the dance and sleep related news that Apple Watch is now able to measure.

Fitness Center

Now we go out and take a walk on the terrace, we approach the main building of Apple Park, we surround it and go back to the Steve Jobs Theater with Craig to talk about privacy on the lower floor. We then talked about HomeKit and Apple TV with Yah Cason and Cindy Lin about what seems to be a house, probably a stage set up for this type of event inside Apple Park.


We go back to the Steve Jobs theater but only for a few seconds since We entered the main building of Apple Park completely, “The mother ship”, from where Alan Dye explains many new features of macOS Big Sur. Right after our return to the theater to continue with the demonstrations by Craig and Beth Dakin.

apple park

Now, we enter the theater with Tim Cook, who tells us about the big change from Apple with Macs: they will start to make their own processors. And to tell us more, let’s one of Apple’s secret labs in Apple Park, we entered by a pipe and through hidden corridors to find this hidden laboratory where Johny Srouji receives us.

Apple Park Laboratory

At the end we come back to the main stage of the Steve Jobs Theater Apple Park where Tim bids farewell to WWDC20 opening speech. Undoubtedly one of the most original we have seen and a good walk in different places of Apple Park, almost all are restricted, unless you work at Apple. If you liked it, don’t miss the video of the keynote, you can see all these places and the trips we make around the Apple headquarters.

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