Allview E2 Jump.

E2 Jump is one of the many models presented and their list of products is growing very dynamically. This creative trend has a chance to continue every month, because Allview is one of those companies that do not like to be idle. It is also cool that each of their products is to hit a different niche, maximally saturating the world’s markets. E2 Jump is to go to active people for whom no conditions are bad. Find out what it offers.


Contents of the box and specification

The box is quite large and nice, and properly equipped. Created in the Sony style, i.e. it is flat and wide, which makes it better fit into small gaps under a wardrobe or desk. Inside, apart from the smartphone itself, there are also in-ear headphones, a charger with a separate cable and a fairly extensive package of various papers, which we will look at rather during the time of great boredom.

Allview E2 Jump

The specification looks rather standard. The processor is a MediaTek MT6582 clocked at 1.3 GHz with four cores. The graphics are the common Mali-400, which still manages to work. The screen is 4.5 inches, and yet it is not a small device, fortunately it is based on an IPS panel. The device boasts IPX5, i.e. the waterproof class, where we can pour water on it from any angle with low pressure. Dipping it already can be risky. The internal memory is 8 GB, and the RAM is 1 GB, of which the latter remains a lot. The camera has only 5 megapixels and you can see it, but in this case the camera matrix is ​​just an addition. The battery is 2000 mAh and I had a bit of a grudge against the manufacturer. The work of E2 is supervised by Android KitKat 4.4 with minor modifications to the appearance.

Build quality and design

As soon as I took this miracle in my hand, a very positive impression flowed over me. The materials are hard plastic rubberized over the entire surface, physical buttons hidden under a layer of rubber and plugs that hide the two most important ports from flooding with water. Quite often the opinion is spread that rubberized surfaces become disfigured much faster. Aesthetes will certainly not be satisfied, but I personally value functionality and universality more than visual impressions, although I do not say that they are of no importance to me. I consider the workmanship pleasant and treat it as an advantage, but it should be borne in mind that the smartphone gained a little weight and size because it had to be protected against falls and more difficult weather conditions.

Allview E2 Jump

The front is mainly glass and plastic inserts with speaker grilles, which in its own way adds charm to it. We have three optical buttons at our disposal, which are unfortunately not illuminated and often have to be “felt”. Above the display there are light and proximity sensors as well as a front camera. On the left side there are physical volume controls, on the opposite side there is an on/off switch, on the top there are plugs hiding the headphone and microUSB port. The back has, like the front, something like speaker grilles, but it only has an aesthetic overtone. The surface of the camera and the supporting lamp are also striking (apart from the logo, of course).


Allview did not mess with mounting the screen. Well, we have an IPS panel on 4.5 inches with a resolution of 480 × 854 and support with a light sensor. The quality is rather at a standard level and we will meet this type of displays in other devices from a similar price range. However, I would like to emphasize that the protective coating is of good quality and high resistance glass. I will not hide that the device fell twice from a height of a meter onto concrete and cubes, front to the ground, and there were no clearly visible traces on the glass. Protective coating – definitely yes!

Allview E2 Jump


The 2000 mAh cell is a low value, but enough to work for the whole day. Two days is the period we manage to get by limiting the functionality to the most important things for us. If we focus only on calls and text messages, we will get 3 days. All these times are not specially calculated, but they are definitely obtainable. How we do and when the smartphone starts calling for an energy meal, we have to adapt to ourselves and our needs.

The camera

Allview did not specifically modify the camera application found in b-brands, so its functionality can be described as basic with the panorama function. The camera matrix itself also does not require an increased number of options, because we only have 5 megapixels at our disposal. The application as well as the operation of the auto focus pushed me away from using the E2 to take pictures. The focus does not work with the shutter release and how a given scene will come out depends on whether we managed to catch the focus manually or automatically before. The camera functionality is good for creating memories, but all app-dependent mechanisms don’t work as they should. There’s still a lot of work to be done here.

Allview E2 Jump

Movies in Full HD are not a challenge and the software shooting such, but the matrix itself does not give a field to show off. The quality is rather average and, like the camera, I advise you to use it in situations when the need arises.

The second webcam for video calls is no longer in the quality that the current camera should hold. This is definitely not enough, and the smoothness of the playback is not really there.



Allview in this cheaper model did not boast of its modified overlay that I met in P6 Energy. It’s more stock and nexus here. No animations from the manufacturer, no light theme, no bottom pop-ups. It’s a pity, because that’s what made their products stand out. I will also not deny that there is no problem with the animation performance, which I complained about back then, because there are none here. However, the own versions of the application were something more interesting, but unfortunately I did not experience them here. The unchanging element is the Allview logo in previously encountered places, such as the camera, menu and lock screen. At least that flavor remains.

Allview E2 Jump


E2 Jump boasts two speakers in stereo, which quality does not differ from the previously tested model. The sound power is also at a similar level, although it is slightly quieter here. Despite the lack of DTS, the sound increases its power automatically in this case, which can be annoying at the lowest value. On the other hand, at 75% strength, changing to 100% is not much of a difference. I had no objections to the included headphones, except that the materials are not expensive, but rather very cheap plastics. Fortunately, this does not negatively affect the music itself.

I have reservations about the music application, which is the simplest form of the player offered by b-brandy. There is no problem, however, to use Google Music, or any other player we care about.


Taking the phone in my hand for the first time, I was convinced that I would not be able to get much out of it. How wrong I was when I started downloading games. World of Tanks Blitz turned out to be a simple arcade game with very good graphics and good fluidity. Asphalt was already a challenge, but not big enough to stop enjoying the game. Real Boxing worked without major reservations, and Real Racing 2 gave advice. In one sentence: E2 Jump surprised me not only with an inconspicuous processor, but also with great optimization.

Allview E2 Jump

Smooth operation in the interface is no challenge. The whole animation can be enjoyed all the time without any obstacles or performance problems. Nothing surprising should happen to us.

Call quality and communication

E2 Jump has all the basic communication innovations. HSPA+, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, support for two SIM cards as it usually looks in b-brands. I had no problem with any module. GPS caught the fix after a few seconds, WiFi and Bluetooth as well.

Telephone connections also kept the appropriate level. The interlocutor always heard clearly, and the person on the other end did not ask to repeat words. The volume level that can be set will not be very well audible at the time of the greatest noise outside, but this is a minor drawback. The loudspeaker that can be set will compensate for all the rest.


Allview surprised me a bit with this model. Performance turned out to be a strong point, and games do not tire the device. This is definitely a model with a good price-to-quality ratio. There will certainly be supporters and I can wholeheartedly recommend E2 to anyone looking for an inexpensive phone with an original design and good quality materials, regardless of the enlarged size.

Allview E2 Jump