Infinite Loop is the daily podcast from Applesfera, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:00 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time), in which we talk about Apple and its competition seen through the prism of the Cupertino company. It is a podcast of about ten minutes, presented by Javier Lacort and edited by Santi Araújo.

These have been the four episodes this week, one less than usual as there is a holiday in it, you can listen to them in full from this same page.

# 268: Pedro Aznar and Apple Park

Today I bring Pedro Aznar, director of Applesfera, to tell us the details of the design and architecture of Apple Park, where he has been several times and to fulfill the wishes of a listener who wanted an episode exactly like this.

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# 269: Aluminum or steel, horology and signage

At the request of a listener, an episode about the differences between the aluminum and steel Apple Watch. Not only in terms of weight and visual appearance, but also in terms of what the jump to steel implies from a signaling point of view.

# 270: iPhone Charging 101

Before several doubts from many listeners, a little light on what is more or less convenient when charging our iPhone, either wirelessly or via cable, with or without fast charging, thinking about comfort or making keep the battery in the best possible health, etc.

# 271: Product Loan, Apple, and the Press

After many questions from many listeners, a specific episode dedicated to how Apple releases work for the press.

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