Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums.

Amazon’s September deals follow with good discounts overall and in the tech, computing and home electronics categories, in particular. Within the latter we find very attractive sales and discounts on robot vacuum cleaners of all ranges, but especially on the flagships of the popular iRobot. If you are thinking of making the leap to the comfort of a robot vacuum cleaner, be very careful with these offers.

Roomba i7 +

Either because the dust does not suit you or simply because you want to touch it as little as possible and want to an ambitious robot vacuum cleanerToday, the Roomba i7 + drops 100 euros compared to the usual 899 euros, remaining at 799 euros.

Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums

This iRobot i7 +, in addition to coming with smart camera navigation, efficient rubber brushes and its intuitive app to use it (although it is also compatible with voice assistants), stands out for its voluminous base that automatically empties the robot bin when cleaning is done.

Roomba i7

And if you don’t need its self-cleaning tower but want to continue enjoying the iRobot’s flagship last year, a model with highly optimized intelligent navigation, its resistant and effective rubber brushes, the ease of use of its app and its power, these days you can buy the iRobot i7 for 569 euros, it has risen a little in price in the last hours but it is still cheaper than in other shops.

Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums

Roomba 981

Veteran high-end iRobot this Roomba 981, which is usually found for about 600 euros on Amazon but which drops as the offer of the day to 474 euros

This model has premium features such as high suction power, intelligent camera navigation, special rubber brushes for households with pets and the possibility of controlling it either from the mobile or with voice assistants.

Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums

Roomba e5154

It is one of the robot vacuum cleaners with the best value for money on the market and from iRobot itself, a benchmark firm in the sector for its algorithms and the quality of its vacuum cleaners.

The Roomba E5 is a mid-range that combines characteristics of the most ambitious models with other simpler ones offering a balanced robot vacuum cleaner. Among its premium assets are its rubber brushes, which catch more hair and offer greater durability and that you can control it from its intuitive application or through Alexa. Of course, your browsing is random.

Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums

Although it has a market price of around 350-400 euros, in Amazon’s September offers it is lowered to 299 euros.

Conga Series 3290 Titanium

The prolific Cecotec has in its catalog of robot vacuum cleaners with almost two dozen models, renewing its ranges every so often, which causes models like this upper mid-range Conga Serie 3290 Titanium is no longer available on its official website despite having approximately one year on the market. This mid-range model exceeded 300 euros, but on Amazon it is available for 279 euros.

The Conga Series 3290 Titanium is capable of vacuuming with a suction power of 2300 Pa, it has a laser viewer for intelligent navigation, which allows you to optimize cleaning and be able to choose which room to clean in up to 5 different maps, it comes with an accessory for scrubbing and It can be used from the mobile application or with the voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant.

Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

If you are looking for a Affordable and simple robot vacuum cleaner but with the convenience of being able to control it from your mobile, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S drops these days from 200 euros to 129 euros

This Ecovacs Deebot N79S navigates randomly through your house, but you can use its app to launch or stop it from your phone, as well as with Amazon’s voice assistant. Despite its low price, it offers four cleaning modes and two levels of suction.

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Amazon’s Best September Deals on Roomba, Conga & More Robot Vacuums