AMD today announced two new budget 3rd gen Ryzen processors, the Ryzen 3 3100 for $ 100 and the Ryzen 3 3300X for $ 120. These are the first mainstream Zen 2 processors we’ve seen from Team Rot, and they’re considerably cheaper than the current value-for-money champion, the Ryzen 5 3600 at $ 200.
Despite their low price, these new Ryzen 3 chips offer SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading) for the first time, so that the four physical cores of each CPU can process up to eight threads in parallel. This should give these chips a head start on content creation and some gaming workloads over their predecessors with four threads (and even the Intel Core i5 9400 with six threads).
This is what AMD’s full Zen 2 product line currently looks like (note that the two 3000 series APUs, Ryzen 3200G and 3400G, are omitted as they are not based on Zen 2).
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AMD model Cores / wires TDP Standard clock frequency / boost Hidden Price
Ryzen 9 3950X 16/32 105W 3,5 GHz / 4,7 GHz 73 Mo 749 $
Ryzen 9 3900X 12/24 105W 3,8 GHz / 4,6 GHz 70 Mo 499 $
Ryzen 7 3800X 8/16 105W 3,9 GHz / 4,5 GHz 36 Mo 399 $
Ryzen 7 3700X 8/16 65W 3,6 GHz / 4,4 GHz 36 Mo 329 $
Ryzen 5 3600X 6/12 95W 3,8 GHz / 4,4 GHz 35 Mo 249 $
Ryzen 5 3600 6/12 65W 3,6 GHz / 4,2 GHz 35 Mo 200 $
Ryzen 3 3300X 4/8 65W 3,8 GHz / 4,3 GHz 18 Mo 120 $ US
Ryzen 3 3100 4/8 65W 3,6 GHz / 3,9 GHz 18 Mo 99 $
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Note that newer processors run on a 65W TDP, such as the Ryzen 5 3600 and Ryzen 7 3700X, and will likely ship with the same Wraith stealth cooler. The cache size is also remarkable: the L2 and L3 caches together offer a total capacity of 18MB. This is about half of the Ryzen 5 3600, but much larger than the Core i3 9100 at only 7MB.

AMD hasn’t released specific gaming performance figures, but promises up to 20% more frame rate for the Ryzen 3 3100 compared to the Intel Core i3 9100, with 1080p testing and settings high quality made on a range of games ranging from CS: GO and Civilization 6 to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. AMD figures also show a performance advantage of up to 75% for the Ryzen 3100 over the Core i3 9100 in apps like Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and Cinebench.
If the performance is as good as these numbers suggest, these Ryzen 3 processors could be a great choice for low-budget system builders. AMD’s other Zen 2 processors were significantly faster than their predecessors in single-thread and multi-threaded workloads, so an equally large performance jump doesn’t seem impossible.
The new Ryzen 3 processors are expected to release globally in May. AMD specifies the date until May 21 from which wide availability is guaranteed. However, due to the current situation, these processors can be introduced gradually.
AMD also announced a new chipset, the B550, in the same press release. Motherboards using the B550 chipset are expected to support 3rd Generation Ryzen processors and are the first budget cards from AMD (or any chipmaker) to support PCIe Gen 4. This should make these motherboards more durable. than anything Intel currently offers, and they support the solutions currently available. NVMe drives that run faster than PCIe 3.0. There’s more information on the B550’s specs in the press release, but we should know more about that later this year. The first B550 motherboards are expected to arrive on June 16.
If you’re interested in building a new system, especially one on the lower budget, it may be a good idea to wait until those new processors and motherboards see how they’ll perform. We’ll definitely be taking a closer look to see how they handle another round of Crysis 3.

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