Chromebook laptops seem to perform very well. According to AMD, sales of this equipment have continued to increase year after year since 2013, which in 2019 led them to reach a level not at all negligible. 8.1% annual increase. And this company hopes that in 2021 this trend will remain intact.

AMD’s journey into the market for laptops with the Chrome OS operating system began at CES 2019, where it announced that its A4 and A6 microprocessors were on their way to these computers. And today, this company has gone much further by announcing that it already has its first Ryzen and Athlon processors ready for these laptops. His goal? Encourage assemblers to tweak Mid-range and high-end chromebooks.

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The same goes for the new Ryzen 3000 and Athlon 3000 Series C

The current situation has meant that, despite the economic uncertainty hanging over us all, the PC market is going through a soft moment. Many users need a new computer that allows them to telecommute or study from home with guarantees, and brands know this is the perfect time to drop attractive offers in-store for a price. as competitive as possible.

The Ryzen 3000 C series is built to withstand heavy workloads, and the Athlon 3000 C series sits somewhere between the latter and AMD’s current A6 and A4.

It is in this context that they intend to equip laptops with Chrome OS for which AMD offers its new Ryzen and Athlon microprocessors. The most powerful, the Ryzen 3000 C Series, are designed to withstand intense workloads, which is why they aspire to be integrated into future high-end Chromebooks. And the Athlon 3000 C Series They will reach mid-range PCs between entry-level Chromebooks with A4 or A6 processors and laptops with Ryzen 3000 Series C.

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As you can see in the next slide, AMD introduced three Ryzen 3000 C Series processors for Chromebooks: the Ryzen 7 3700C, the Ryzen 5 3500C, and the Ryzen 3 3250C. The first two tools la microarchitecture Zen +, they have four cores and can simultaneously process eight execution threads (son). The Ryzen 3, however, builds on the Zen microarchitecture and has two cores and four threads.

The graphics logic of the Ryzen 7 uses ten Radeon cores at 1400 MHz; the Ryzen 5 eight-core Radeon 1200 MHz, and finally the Ryzen 3 three-core Radeon 1200 MHz. All three chips have a TDP of 15 watts, although only the Ryzen 7 and 5 were made using Photolithographie 12 nm (the Ryzen 3 is produced in 14 nm).

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The two Athlon 3000 C Series that AMD just introduced for Chromebooks meet the models Athlon Gold 3150C et Athlon Silver 3050C. Both are made in 14nm photolithography and supported by Zen microarchitecture, they also share the same TDP (15 watts) and cache (5MB), but differ in both thread count and graphics logic. integrated.

The more ambitious of the two, the Gold 3150C, integrates two cores and can simultaneously process a maximum of four threads of execution, while the Silver 3050C model does not implement SMT technology, so it has two cores and processes as much son. In contrast, the graphics logic of the former uses three Radeon cores at 1100 MHz, and that of the Athlon Silver uses two Radeon cores at 1100 MHz.

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These are the brands that will bet on the new AMD processors

AMD has confirmed that during the remaining months of 2020 they will reach stores fourteen new Chromebook laptops assembled by HP, ASUS and Lenovo. Six of them will be equipped with microprocessors from the Ryzen 3000 Series C and Athlon 3000 Series C families, and the other eight will bet on AMD A6 and A4 processors.

It will be interesting to check, first of all, at what price do they come The Ryzen 3000 Series C chipsets and their performance to see if they represent an attractive alternative to Windows 10-like laptops for office, browsing and casual gaming.

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