How would you like to play the new and old multiplayer sensation Among Us with your friends, which is breaking new player records every day? It doesn’t surprise us that this implementation of the old Mafia board game (or werewolves, murderer game, depending on where you grew up) is suddenly on everyone’s lips after two years in the market – and it is incredibly exciting and funny. Sometimes more than 1.5 million players are in the game at the same time, on Steam the title has long been in the top 5 and recently passed Fall Guys. Great fun, because tactics, detective skills and cunning are needed.

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In this article we will tell you which ones Platforms Among us, like you guys Crossplay starts with players on other devices and how to get one Version console de Among Us is ordered.

Which platforms play with each other in crossplay?

Currently, regardless of the device they are using, up to ten players automatically play together in a game. You cannot see who is using which hardware. You can play with us on these platforms.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PC (via Steam or

On iOS and Android, Among Us is free and funded by post-game ads. However, you can remove the advertisement for an amount of 2.29 euros. She didn’t bother me. The game costs 3.99 euros on Steam and is ad-free.

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Due to cross play and low hardware requirements, it is very easy to organize games among us with friends. Almost everyone has at least a smartphone and / or Steam.

Among us: playing crossplay with friends

There are two ways to set up a game for your friends, which you can then play together, regardless of the platform used by the respective participants.

1 in line

Select Online from the main menu to play with distant friends. At the top, enter the name I would like to be displayed in the game with, then select “Create game” under “Host”. Here, you choose one of the three cards, determine the number of impostors (impostors or “murderers”) and then the maximum number of players. Click on “Confirm” to set up a lobby which always starts in private mode. At the bottom you will now see a code that you pass on to your friends (a messaging group in WhatsApp or similar is recommended here).

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Your friends should go to the menu that appears after clicking Online and click “Enter Code” under “Private” below to enter the password you gave us. And your friends are with you in the lobby.

And that’s what it looks like!

The host then has only one thing to do: wait until all the participants are there. The game creator can change various game settings on the computer near the middle of the lobby: how fast players should move, how far teammates and impostors should be able to watch, how many emergency meetings you can call , the time you have to vote and Must chat and so on. Try a little.

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And then there is the second variant, to set up a game among us …

2. Local

Click “Local” in the main menu, enter your name above and click on Create Game. The rest is the same as in online mode. If a player in your region is already creating a game, it will be displayed under “Available Games” and can therefore be registered.

Play with us in cooperation?

At Among Us, it is strictly forbidden to consult each other verbally or in writing between Emergency Meetings. If there was a cooperative mode, unfair deals between friendly players who join a game of strange players would be the order of the day. So: unfortunately no cooperative. Then bang all your friends together for a private session!

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Among us also for PS4, Switch and Xbox?

The game has been available on iOS, Android, and PC for a long time, and the developers were also surprised by the sudden and late success. A version for consoles like PS4, Xbox One or Switch is apparently not planned. In fact, the developers of Innersloth announced yesterday a second part of Among Us, even for which there is still no question of consoles. Which is not surprising, because sometimes chaotic discussions require a keyboard. In voice chat, everything would degenerate into chaos. So: take out your tablet or smartphone, unless you want to get it on your PC!

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Have fun investigating / killing! And always remember: it wasn’t me!

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