Among Us from modeling clay – see the impressive fan design.


  • Simon from ClayClaim creates an impressive mockup of The Skeld from Among Us.
  • To create it, he uses modeling clay, cardboard, plastic and self-adhesive paper.
  • In addition, on the ClayClaim channel, we can see works from, among others, Far Cry 6, The Last of Us: Part II, Fall Guys and Watch Dogs: Legion.
  • The stunning popularity of Among Us in recent weeks has inspired many artists to create their own works related to this title. This is evidenced by our Tuesday review of fan animations, often humorously depicting the gameplay in the network production of InnerSloth studio. However, there will probably be those who would rather see something more material instead of this type of work. These people may be interested in the ClayClaim channel on YouTube. The artist who runs it, named Simon, has recently started work on a model representing the map of The Skeld, i.e. a spaceship, which should be well known to all lovers Among Us. Below you can see a record of the first stage of the preparation of this project, which created three rooms – Navigation, Weapons and O2. The next part should be released today.

    To create The Skeld Simon uses cardboard, plastic, self-adhesive paper and modeling clay, from which, with great attention to detail, he prepares all three-dimensional objects of the ship, such as the steering console, seats and railings. It is worth noting that the artist accurately describes and presents each step he takes, so if someone wants to create a similar work at home, he already has a convenient tutorial.

    Among Us from modeling clay – see the impressive fan design

    It is worth noting that The Skeld mockup is not Simon’s first adventure with Among Us. Earlier, he created models of men inspired by those from the game using modeling clay and … Tic-Tacs. You can see how he did it in the video below.

    But what if you are not entirely interested in Among Us and the works associated with it? Nothing is lost. On the ClayClaim channel, you can see the process of creating creations inspired by all kinds of games. One of Simon’s most popular films presents the creation of Loot Lake, a fragment of the map from Fortnite: Battle Royale. In addition, in recent months, he has prepared film materials showing works related to, among others, Far Cry 6, Fall Guys, Watch Dogs: Legion or The Last of Us: Part II. You can see some of them below.

    Among Us from modeling clay – see the impressive fan design

    We remind you that Among Us debuted in 2018 on PC and mobile devices with Android and iOS systems, on which the title is free. Unfortunately, the production is not available in Polish.

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  • Among Us from modeling clay – see the impressive fan design