You will no doubt have heard of Among Us at some point in the past few months, and that’s because it has become an extremely popular game. Well the title has managed to cross the boundaries of porn.

Among Us launched way back in 2018 but didn’t seem that popular at first. By 2020, however, the game’s popularity has exploded.

The developer, InnerSloth, was supposed to make a sequel to the original, but after the sudden success, he decided to forgo a new release, putting everything that was planned for the sequel in the current version.

Pornhub shared some stats (thanks, Inverse) in an official blog post after Kotaku reached out to the site to see how popular the game was becoming on the porn web portal. Statistics reveal that the most assiduous searches began around September 1, 2020, when the game was obviously becoming popular with content creators.

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On September 16, it reached its highest peak, with almost 700,000 searches in a single day. The peak flattened out afterwards, but searches remained strong and, according to the post, published on Oct.7, 2020, there were over 4.7 million searches for Among Us. This essentially means around 115,000 searches per day.

Among Us is available on PC and mobile devices. Those hoping for a console version will probably have to wait a long time.

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