An analysis of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS smart watch that all AliExpress is talking about wonders

I have already told you about how the Xiaomi application ruined the most useful functions of my Amazfit Bip smartwatch. After 2 years of using it, it got pretty worn out, so instead of putting it back, I did something simpler: I bought a new model.

The Amazfit GTS has a large AMOLED screen, has NFC and works very well as a fitness tracker and as a mobile phone assistant.

In my opinion, this is so. best chinese smart watch And here is the reason.

A fair and quality specimen.

How I have missed the work notifications!

Appearance amazfit gts It completely replicates the Apple Watch whose resemblance to the famous Bip ended with the shape of the box.

The rounded edged casing is made of aluminum (aircraft grade as they like to specify, though how that affects durability as a practicing aircraft engineer I don’t know).

A modern heart rate sensor works best

The front is completely covered by glass, under which the screen is hidden. The back with the sensors and the charging connector is made of hypoallergenic hard material polycarbonate. Reliable, although after a year small scratches will appear – these are the properties of the material.

Amazfit claims that the watch can withstand submersion up to 50 meters and pressure up to 5 atmospheres. So you can bathe, shower and dive in them.

The touch screen is the main way to operate after turning on the screen with the side button.

It can also become a hotkey which, when held down, launches the specified application: message status view, alarm clock, player, or activation of sport mode.

What about straps and cargo?

The most popular modification, the Amazfit GTS, receives a gray color scheme that hides the metal base. For the most modern and bright, there are versions in black and pink.

If you combine the former with an interesting strap, it will look more interesting than the basic colouring. And it looks more like an apple Watch.

If you want a clone, you should get this one. If you want originality, you should go for a different version.

The “face” of the action is as informative as possible

It comes with a branded quick release strap silicone strap. Any width of 20 millimeters will work as a refill: either brand (there are 4 colors) or any of the offline ones. The ones on the watch also fit perfectly.

Instead of a complicated upload, engineers have finally come up with two pole basethat cannot be broken, cannot be ruined.

Bright display with Always-On

No color inversion or other problems

The front surface, hidden under Gorilla Glass 3 with “standard” 2.5D rounded edges, it almost hides a frameless AMOLED screen with a resolution of 348×442.

And that’s not all: the model has 100% NTS coverage. At least look at the photos, the clarity at 341pc is worse than on the latest apple Watch.

There is a very good one. Oleophobic coating so there are no fingerprints, and the slip of the fingers is excellent. Brightness, contrast, and color reproduction are also excellent.

In direct light, the display stays readable, auto adjust works instantly and is always correct. Like the best watch on the market.

How does the Amazfit GTS fit?

It fits like a glove in my hand.

Despite the fully milled bezel and Gorilla Glass protection, the watch weighs just 24.8 grams with a fairly comfortable thickness of 9.4 millimeters.

It won’t be comfortable for everyone: you have to roll up your skinny shirt sleeve to wear it. It is not very comfortable in winter.

Bracelet It does not irritate the skin It does not slip and it is not noticeable, even if you wear it every day. The very bracelet of my Bip has never failed in half a year, she has only lost her matte finish.

It is important: Regular watch straps (any 20mm will do) can be problematic due to the thicker native watchbands. It is worth buying a standard pair.

What the Amazfit GTS can do

Once connected to a mobile phone, the latter is almost unnecessary

The watch is designed for semi-automatic use and allows you to use many functions without the need for a smartphone, including the choice of a home screen: arrow or digital.

Starting screen It carries almost all the information available to the GTS: time, date, time of week, number of calories burned, heart rate, and battery charge.

There are only 3 woofeys in memory. The rest need an app

Each desktop can be customized as desired, hiding unnecessary items or adding previously unused items.

There are more design options in the native Amazfit app – 60 themes are available. More can be found on the internet, and even more from home brewers.

The PAI is a rather original way of taking control of your own state. We will come back to it.

The device perfectly copes with the most urgent task of smart watches – the large screen perfectly displays messages in any language from all applications available on the corresponding platform.

Disadvantage: The current firmware does not offer the screen scrolling that the Amazfit Bip offers (although it was not available at first). But the alerts themselves, which follow one after the other, read better and without problems.

Amazfit app: better than Mi Fit?

Apparently, Amazfti is in the process of divorcing Xiaomi. Before there were much fewer devices for the native app

Amazfit performs better than most Chinese imitations. Even the popular Xiaomi devices.

Connection takes literally seconds, initial setup a bit longer. Everything works out of the box correctly and exactly as expected.

Going a little deeper by hiding the familiar icons from previous versions of the Mi Fit

The adjustments seem simpler than those of the Mi Fit, but only at first glance. In fact, the Amazfit is very similar to the intermediate versions of the companion app, so all the familiar Xiaomi features are there (as if they weren’t, the developer is the same).

You can define responses to incoming calls and events, set apps allowed up to the screen, activate incoming SMS notifications and warm-up reminders.

The alarm clock is also present, many and different. Unfortunately, despite the feature being as “soft and tonic” as possible, there is no smart wake up. It will turn on exactly at the specified time.

You can really prepare everything.

The list of activities that you can follow is amazing: where is the Xiaomi! Amazfit has managed to approach a semi-professional sports gadget.

Running on the treadmill and street running (separately highlighting cross-country running), stationary bike and cycling, swim in a pool and open water, elliptical bike and strength trainingskiing and hiking… Impressive.

Sensors and precision

Although the sensor is accurate, there are still some issues with it.

sensor kit pretty standard: 6-axis acceleration sensor, 3-axis magnetic sensor, light sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor, PPG sensor for measuring heart rate.

This makes basic walking and running is defined correctly. More complex activities require manual tracking adjustment to correctly detect species.

The swimming, however, works properly, at least the submerging fact is resolved instantly. Probably the same goes for changes in altitude.

The steps are measured correctly. But only when walking.

GPS tracking is present: its own autonomous module works. And it does it well, on a modern level. Half a meter to the right and to the left are, in my opinion, minutiae.

The detection of the pulse is more precise than that of the latest generation devices. There’s also a neat arrhythmia detection feature that works a bit easier than in Apple Watch 5.

Tracing occurs both by user instruction and constantly in a certain cycle, which is set by the type of activity or by the general firmware.

The statistics turn out to be correct and quite informative. It is a pity that it cannot include the pressure measurement available in China: this function is blocked for Europe.

The player controls work perfectly. without own memory

Meanwhile, everything is more than satisfactory. By the way: all of the above also applies to Android and iOS. “Apple’s version of the app is fully functional, unlike Xiaomi’s emasculated Mi Fit.

The app works equally well on all platforms with no limitations on anything, bar none. The “drabness” that users know from the Mi Band is absent here. In fact, it is the only alternative to the AW. And they can compete with the fifth, if you take into account the price.

One week with an update. First impressions

The watch vigilantly alerts the wearer when there are problems with the heart rate

I have to say it right away: I’m an avid Android user, and I couldn’t find anything flashier. Especially in bright colors, of which there are 6 available.

Yes, the color scheme of my Amazfit GTS does not shine, but on the other hand they are nicer than what the company has produced before. And I don’t want to go back to the Beep.

In person, they’re prettier than the Samsung (dim screens and slightly “rubbery” look) and by no means worse than the Apple Watch. As for the features, here it is worse, the NFC would still be very welcome. It is promised for after the New Year.

But notifications are more complicated than the Pace or the Beep

As a companion device, the GTS performs well, unmistakable activity tracking. And they always send notifications, unlike Xiaomi’s latest wearable gadgets.

Longer tests will show the survivability and accuracy of the novelty in various scenarios, which I will present to our readers later.

So far I haven’t even been able to drain the battery more than once – using training and GPS it averages 14 days without recharge. If you leave tracking on, it will last for 24 hours.

In alert mode, the Amazfit GTS runs free for up to 45 days like its cheaper predecessors. And the 220mAh LiPo cell charges in just 2 hours.

Who should choose the Amazfit?

Portable electronics are no longer a utilitarian thing for today’s athletes. It’s a stylish accessory Your device should look good, work well, and remember to display alerts on time.

The market has divided them into 2 conditional classes: in the segment under 6-10 thousand, cheap versions of Amazfit and Xiaomi Mi Band dominated, the higher ones were shared by Samsung and Apple. Alternatives and intermediate options? What are you talking about?

TO amazfit gts they ask for about 9,000 rubles. Although they seem more expensive, they last as long as the Mi Band or the Bip. Here it is, the golden mean, what was missing middle market segment.

An elegant watch for every occasion and every suit, no need to be ashamed. If you don’t need contactless payment.

But my wife recommends the Amazfit GTR, which she also moved to a week ago from the Amazfit Pace. But that will be another story.

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