An Effective Netflix Slasher With A Bloody Cure For Tech Addiction.

The night of Halloween it is an ideal occasion to enjoy several movies of terror. This is something that Netflix is ​​very aware of, so throughout October it has added several titles to its catalog so that its customers do not have to look elsewhere to see such an important day. One of them is ‘No one sleeps in the woods tonight’, which is being sold as the first polish slasher.

The truth is that ‘Nobody Sleeps in the Forest Tonight’ was first released in its home country several months ago. It was scheduled to be seen first in theaters, but the coronavirus pandemic led to its launch on the platform, but it was not until October 28 when it began its international expansion. The movie fools no one, as it is a successful slasher that doesn’t deviate too much from what one would expect from such a production.

An Effective Netflix Slasher With A Bloody Cure For Tech Addiction

Qualifying the archetype

‘No one sleeps in the woods tonight’ transports us to a teenage camp in order to cure your addiction to technology, so all of them have to hand over their mobile phones before going on to enjoy the nature that surrounds them. Leaving aside the debatable of the premise -thinking that one can cope with ease in today’s world without technology is most debatable-, what matters to us is that this is how the protagonist group is introduced, where each of its members respond to a different archetype of this type of horror movies.

Of course, in the prologue that begins the film it is already clear to us that there is a terrible threat inside a house within the forest with a scene that inevitably brings to mind the start of ‘It’. A small appetizer for the viewer to compensate for being patient with what happens during the next few minutes, in which something somewhat particular happens, since the script of Bartosz M. Kowalski, also a film director, Jan Kwiecinski and Mirella Zaradkiewicz He unashamedly resorts to stereotypes but tries to qualify them a bit.

An Effective Netflix Slasher With A Bloody Cure For Tech Addiction

From the introduction of small notes on current Polish society – do not expect anything very elaborate, but here and there details that remind us of the nationality of the film – to some work of character development curious at the moment, no matter how unexpected something like this happens but it ends up being somewhat unproductive when deaths begin to happen. Nor does any other weakness of the script help, one especially important that ends up giving rise to a search for impact as easy as it is empty.

More convincing is Kowalski’s skillful use of natural settings, giving a slightly sinister air to the forest in which the events take place. There the soundtrack of Radzimir Debski also has its importance so that in those minutes between the presentation of characters and the massacre they are not mere fillers. There will be those who are impatient because they simply want to see as many deaths as possible, but that is not the only thing that interests ‘No one sleeps in the forest tonight’.

An Effective Netflix Slasher With A Bloody Cure For Tech Addiction

A fulfilling hobby

In fact, they even allow themselves the luxury of taking a generous pause in time to explain the origin of that monstrous creature that is causing chaos and whose design brings to mind the villains of the saga. ‘Km. 66. Detour to Hell ‘. Already in the film starring Eliza Dushku the influence of horror classics such as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ or ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ was detected, something also evident in ‘No one sleeps in the forest tonight’, although here they broaden the horizon even the slasher that emerged as a result of the great success of ‘Friday the 13th’.

When it comes to deaths, Kowalski opts for exaggeration, even cutting people in half. Of course, although gore is present in generous doses, what may be lacking is a larger budget to show deaths more graphically. The film stays at the end in a midpoint among the prudent deaths that characterized the slasher of the mid-90s that emerged after ‘Scream’ with the greatest savagery of the 80s. A peculiar bet but that ends up being effective.

An Effective Netflix Slasher With A Bloody Cure For Tech Addiction

The mention of ‘Scream’ also applies to a slight layer of humor that never comes to the fore and a conversation about certain rules of horror cinema that makes one think irretrievably about the character of Randy Meeks from the film. Wes craven. Of course, when it comes to the origins of evil, ‘Nobody sleeps in the forest tonight’ makes you think more about the 80s, allowing yourself a small stop along the way to find out the origins of what happened. It has always been more than enough to choose that route instead of prequels like the recent ‘Leatherface’ that at the moment of truth end up contributing very little.

For the rest, the cast does not contribute much to its characters but it is not annoying either. If that a little more expressiveness would have been appreciated to take advantage of those small deviations from the usual roles that fall in their lot, but all of them, both those with more presence and those with instant cannon fodder, are still pieces on a board that only aims to offer bloody entertainment to the viewer without fully complying with the conventions of this subgenre.

In short

If you want to see a slasher that will give you what you expect from a production like this but with small distinctions, ‘Nobody sleeps in the woods tonight’ is your movie. By that I don’t mean that the Netflix tape is memorable, but yes meets some slack a few minimums to be able to enjoy with it, making it an option to consider for this next Halloween.

An Effective Netflix Slasher With A Bloody Cure For Tech Addiction