An iPad Air 4 and an Apple Watch SE or how to broaden Apple’s user base

With next week’s event already confirmed, don’t lose sight of one of the key aspects of Apple’s strategy. It’s about finding a way to broaden your user base while maintaining the essence of the experience they offer. In other words, it is the balance between offered features and sale price.

There are two devices that are rumored to see next week that point in this direction. The first is the fourth generation iPad Air and the second is the so-called Apple Watch SE.

An iPad Air 4 as the star of the range

An iPad Air 4 and an Apple Watch SE or how to broaden Apple’s user base

Just as the iPhone has been unfolded into various models in each generation, the iPad also follows this scheme. And he does it to better cover the needs of heterogeneous users. Thus, with the entry iPad we have a powerful tablet, capable of supporting augmented reality experiences, with tools such as the Apple Pencil or the keyboard and accessible in price. Perfect for schools, children or as a consumer equipment.

At the other extreme we have the iPad Pro, whose mission is to explore the limits of what an iPad can do. In addition to the Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard, we find un advanced LiDAR and camera system to create and enjoy augmented reality more. With the power to create and edit video, run 3D design apps or music and carry out many of the tasks that are performed on a conventional computer.

An iPad Air that combines elements of the “Pro” models would bring high-value technologies and experiences to a larger user base

Under this framework, it is worth asking what it would offer the supposed fourth generation iPad Air. If we take into account that it is an intermediate model between both iPads, we can expect an iPad Air 4 with characteristics similar to these:

  • Flat design and screen with hardly any frames.
  • Size between 10.5 and 11 inches.
  • USB-C as the main port.
  • A single rear camera.
  • Touch ID on the lock button.
  • A14 processor (current is the A12 Bionic).

It would be a more capable model than the entry and with a clear differentiation with the Pro family. Specifically, the two sizes of 11 and 12.9 inches; Face ID; the double camera and the LiDAR that give an experience of advanced augmented reality; display with ProMotion; and four stereo speakers. In this way, the entire family would have different functions and characteristics for different types of users.

An entry-level Apple Watch “SE” that ensures the right experience

An iPad Air 4 and an Apple Watch SE or how to broaden Apple’s user base

We talked about the hypothetical Apple Watch SE recently. Its positioning would follow the same path as the iPhone SE although looking a greater reach among the public. That is, state-of-the-art specifications with certain concessions to achieve an attractive price range.

Translation, an Apple Watch with the design of the Series 3, but chip and communications of the Apple Watch Series 6. The most advanced sensors, like the ECG and the rumored blood oxygen meter, as well as the design would be its main differences. This model would take the place of the Apple Watch Series 3, which is still sold as an entry model. Building on an older model but updating a few key components is a reliable way to ensure a successful experience. If it worked in the past, now with minor changes should continue to be attractive. Of course, depending on the final price of the product.

An Apple Watch SE released at the same time as the Series 6 would allow the company to reach out to a wider variety of users.

The Series 3 is officially sold from 229 euros, in the 38mm model and without 4G (in some offers it was below 200 euros). A similar price without a doubt it would be a great attraction for those users looking for an Apple Watch, but without having to choose the latest model. Thanks to a current processor, additional watchOS support and functions would be assured for several years.

It will be interesting to see how Apple positions both devices, as long as the rumors are right about its existence. From the use cases shown to the type of user in mind, through the functionalities and the price.

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