An iPhone with macOS? Apple already has working prototypes

Apple has made one of the most difficult decisions of recent years: Mac processors will stop being Intel to be made by the company itself. Apple has named them Apple Silicon and these will be based on the processors of the iPhone and iPad that Apple has been designing for 10 years.

This third major transition can bring many advantages: Apple is now taking full control of its Mac and no longer depends on a third party. However, Apple Silicon is a change of architecture, which is a disadvantage for developers, who will have to adapt their applications to run on new Macs.

From now on, iPhones, iPads and Macs will share the same processor architecture, making their applications compatible. Apple has previously stated that apps and games from the iPhone or iPad App Store can run smoothly on the Mac with Apple Silicon. But the opposite interpretation also arises, macOS applications on the iPad. Now a new report guarantees that Apple has iPhone prototypes with macOS installed, something that makes us dream of an incredible future.

Will the future bring us an iPhone with macOS?

A filter indicates that Apple is already working on iPhone prototypes with Apple Silicon processors capable of running macOS. This would allow users to connect their iPhone to a base or monitor and have a full desktop experience like macOS. This function can be used with USB-C or wireless cables.

“It’s ready, they’re still working on prototypes and they’re using that time to make it even better … but they have 2 options ready.” They are just waiting for other projects to integrate. I am 95% sure it will come, but not 100%. It depends on many factors. “

Apple has repeatedly said that its intention is don’t unify your operating systems. These so-called iPhones could run both systems, iOS when used regularly and macOS when connected to a monitor.

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It is clear that if the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac share processors, although those of the Mac are more powerful, this option makes sense in the world. Recall that the Mac mini that Apple has made available to developers It has the A12Z Bionic processor, the same as the latest iPad Pro. This means that macOS Big Sur could apparently work well in the current iPad Pro, although the latter has less RAM.

We will see if it will eventually become a future commercial version, even if we understand that it will be something very long term, it’s not something we’ll see in iOS 15. However, when Apple completes the transition to Apple Silicon in two years, that feature could launch with this year’s iPhone.

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