For those of you looking for a quality microphone to create live streams or internet content in any way that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, we have a good suggestion: the Handheld PM422a microphone that is well worth it.

This USB condenser microphone is designed to deliver studio quality right inside your home, with exceptional performance for voice and instrument recording, voiceovers and live broadcasts – whether you’re speaking normally or singing, if music is more your thing.

O PM422 comes with a professional sound chipset and 16mm electret condenser transducer, which allows the microphone to maintain a high-resolution sampling rate of up to 192KHz/24bit, capturing excellent sound quality. The 20Hz-20kHz flat frequency response is ideal for home studio, podcasting, gaming, online chat, perfectly reproducing your sound.

We’ve run a bunch of tests with it, and the sound clarity is really amazing, even if there’s a television on nearby and you’re talking into it. Another positive point is the easy installation via USB Plug & Play, that is, just plug it in and start using it, without the need to install drivers, software or an external sound card. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

The microphone comes with a pedestal/arm for you to adjust it well on the table; a pop filter, which is that charming round frame that sits between the announcer and the microphone and serves to improve the voice recording quality, such as dispersing the sound pressure exerted by the air during speech/breathing, in addition to preventing saliva splashes in the microphone, increasing its useful life.

In addition, the pop filter provides a very nice professional look for you who are going to record videos for YouTube. The kit also comes with a foam filter for the microphone, which also protects the equipment against saliva, wind, breath and external noise, making your voice clearer and sharper.

Finally, the PM422 has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a touch button with LED (green light working, red light mute) to mute/unmute the sound and a microphone gain adjustment button, which serves to adjust the sensitivity to pick up the sounds and achieve the perfect voice.

As for values, the PM422 can be purchased at official site for US$ 75.99 (about R$ 393.32 in direct conversion at the quotation of the day). It can also be found on sites like AliExpress, Amazon and Shopee with prices ranging from R$ 400 to R$ 600.


Maono’s PM422 is an excellent microphone option for you who want to record content for the internet or even to record music. With an affordable cost-benefit for the pocket, the equipment comes with a complete kit with quality materials and fulfills what it promises: to reproduce sounds with clarity and high quality, which leaves nothing to be desired by big professional brands.


Brand – Mason
Model – AU-PM422
Color – Black

microphone formats – studio
microphone types – Condenser
polar patterns – cardioid
number of microphones – 1
With power light – Yes
sensitivity – -47 dB
Supported operating systems – MacOS, Windows, Linux
Compatible devices – PC, Notebooks, Mac, Headphones
Materials – Aluminum alloy, Acrylic, Iron

types of connections – with cable
output connectors – USB

Minimum frequency – 20 Hz
Maximum frequency – 20000 Hz

Accessories included

1 Arm Bracket, 1 Shock Mount, 1 Pop Filter, 1 Windproof Foam, 1 USB Cable, 1 Manual, 1 Armband