Analysis | MediEvil gets a charismatic remake.

The success of remakes of classic games like spyro and Crash Bandicoot opened the gates for Sony Interactive Entertainment to rescue MediEvilwhich was originally released on PSOne in 1998 and now gets a remake on PS4.

Despite not enjoying the same success or popularity as the other two aforementioned franchises, MediEvil conquered its space at the end of the 90s, where several titles ventured into the three-dimensional world, yielding two other titles, a direct sequel on PSOne and a reboot on PSP.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake

But does this remake manage to modernize, and at the same time pique the interest of old and new players? Stay with us and see what we think of the game in our review.

Arise, Knight of Gallowmere!

The story is the same as the original game: one hundred years ago a powerful wizard named Zarok tried to conquer the kingdom of Gallowmere, but was stopped by the legendary hero Sir Daniel Fortesque, who died bravely in battle.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake

It actually wasn’t like that. This local legend was invented by the king, and Sir Dan was actually a coward and was precisely the first casualty of the war, when he was hit in the eye by an arrow before the battle even started.

Now, one hundred years later, the wizard Zarok has returned with his army of undead and demons, but his spells have brought back the ancient “hero” in skeleton form, Sir Daniel Fortesque, who has a second chance to redeem himself before the most honored warriors in the kingdom and prove that you are indeed a true hero.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake

The game has as main inspirations the classic Ghouls’n Ghosts from Capcom and the animation Jack’s wierd worldwith the artistic style of Tim Burton – the latter is even more evident in this remake, with the power of the PS4 in the visuals.

Pau na Zombizada!

And speaking of them, the graphics are far from being an exceptional work of art, but they are very charismatic and serve the purpose of the game well, with a very colorful cartoon style and with that Tim Burton touch with influences in the dark and gothic – but without the Same refinement as Spyro or Crash, for example.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake

But it’s probably in the gameplay that we find the most nostalgic elements and that takes us straight to the 90’s – for better and for worse.

The controls – and the cameras – are a bit truncated, and in some parts it is difficult to control the character, especially when it is necessary to jump on platforms, or even perform some moves that are not as fluid as they could be.

However, it is possible to enjoy Sir Dan’s adventure anyway. The maps start out simple and as we advance they become more complex labyrinths full of secrets and shortcuts, which encourage exploration for items.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake

An Arsenal of Weapons

In each level, there is a hidden Chalice of Souls that can be collected if the player defeats enough enemies, which grants access to the Hall of Heroes (Valhalla’s version of Norse Mythology in MediEvil), where the player can receive rewards and special weapons.

By the way, our skeletal hero can use a variety of weapons, consisting of short-range weapons like swords and clubs (which can access new areas), and long-range weapons like crossbows, which makes the gameplay very versatile and fun.

Dan can also equip shields which can be very useful, but like most weapons, they have a limited amount of resistance/use, which will require a certain level of strategy.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake

All this equipment can be found on the maps or purchased through the gargoyles scattered throughout the game – so it’s always good to collect as much money and treasure as you can find.

A macabre fairy tale!

At a first glance, the game looks pretty easy, however the difficulty level is increasing, and groups of enemies or bosses can cause considerable damage very quickly, and more careless players can return to the pit without even realizing it.

Finally, I also highlight the excellent dubbing in Portuguesewith interpretations that go well with the characters and a fairy tale-like narration, which will certainly have a great appeal for children and younger players – in fact, a highly recommended game for puppies!

The game is also fully subtitled in Portuguese and has a beautiful orchestrated soundtrack, inspired by the work of Danny Elfman (composer of O Estranho Mundo de Jack, among several other films), and signed by the duo of composers Bob&Barn, who wrote the original game soundtrack.

Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake


Other Ocean, the studio responsible for this remake, managed to overhaul the original 1998 game and still keep several elements intact, such as map design, the combat system and its Tim Burton-style personality, which will certainly please veteran players – in addition to to have an appeal to win over a new generation. A simple and fun game, perfect to play this Halloween month.


  • Excellent voice acting and soundtrack
  • Totally in Portuguese
  • Tim Burton style look
  • Miscellaneous combat/equipment system
  • ideal for children
  • Also ideal for nostalgic veterans


Analysis |  MediEvil gets a charismatic remake
  • Gameplay and camera truncated at times
  • Few new or original elements

GRADE: 7.8

A copy of the game was kindly provided for this review.