Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3. This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom.

A few days ago we gave the guys at Capcom a well-deserved poop for a ridiculously bad conversion of ‘Lost Planet’ for PS3. We also wondered the reasons for doing such a sloppy job and that managed to raise the level of frustration of the users of the Sony machine to unsuspected heights.

Today, however, it is fair to recognize that the version of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ that runs through the internal circuitry of our bold, is to say the least, spectacular. So without further ado, let’s start unpacking the wonders of this new Dante adventure. Let’s arm our Rebellion with a good handful of red gems, because the rockiest demon hunter in history has returned. Let’s rock, dude.

The first thing that stands out in this new adventure is the duality of protagonists. For the first time half an adventure unfolds completely unrelated to the adventures of Dante and places us at the controls of an equally charismatic and boastful protagonist, although decidedly more human. I say first time, because controlling Lucía in ‘Devil May Cry 2’ doesn’t count, remember that I’ve talked about charisma…

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

The protagonist during the first chapters of the game (consisting of 20) is Nero. A young man who certainly looks like Dante from the last version that visited PS2.

Adolescent, with emotions, feelings… we are going through puberty and reaching sentimental heights that Dante has not reached even in his wettest dreams. And this is where we find one of the main differences between this ‘DMC’ and the rest.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

Dante, to each new game, he has been dehumanizing, not in a hard and inaccessible facet, but becoming a kind of Han Solo with an overdose of testosterone. A guy capable of cracking a joke at his mother’s funeral and looking at people surprised by how little it was accepted. what a macho Let’s recognize, however, that this evolution of the character has a certain charm and hook. The bad thing is that any emotional connection is lost (it is worth that the ‘DMC’ have never been too prodigal in the latter) that is so fashionable.

So, I imagine, Nero and his love story have arrived, in which our classic continues to be a mere accessory. And as our dear Jordi Estadella would say in the classic 1,2,3… I can read up to here. I don’t want to get into swampy spoiler terrain.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom


Pedro Zerolo of the PSOE recently exclaimed vehemently at an election rally that Zapatero gave him . We are on that same orgasmic path, since the staging of this ‘Devil May Cry 4’ is simply sublime.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

The scenarios, although distributed as cells as usual in this saga, are presented to us with great detail, shadows in real time, textures at very good resolution, post-processing effects through a tube, hdri, glow, motion blur… come on, we are facing the Star Wars of video games. They have not been able to include more effects and the truth is that none are left over.

And about the speed of execution of the game? Perfect. The game It is stable in 99% of the entire adventure. Frames per second are maintained regardless of the amount of Fx displayed on screen or the number of enemies.

The remaining 1% is my duty to apply to some small slowdowns (not annoying at all) that the game suffers in the last levels, when the number of enemies on the screen becomes insane. In short, it is nothing serious but worth mentioning.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

The animations of the protagonists are very good. Bordering on excellent too. The only thing that could tarnish the final result is the transitions. Okay, tell me, when has a ‘DMC’ had very careful transitions between movements? Never, but gentlemen, we are facing a new generation of consoles, if there is a good time to achieve valid interpolation systems between animations, this is it. In any case, the overall result is still “orgasmic”. You understand me…


The goth-rock melodies of the DMC have always grated at a high level, as is the case with their ambient music.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

On this occasion the bar could not be lowered and they have not done so. The central theme of the game (the one that appears when we control Nero) merges with the classic ‘DMC 3’. The haunting arrangements of the backing music are stupendous and to top it all off, they present us with an emotional pop song as a ballad. Let us remember that this fourth adventure of Dante has taken a turn towards sentimentality.

The sound effects of swords, clashes, devil bringer and others, grate at an incredible level, especially if we have a 5.1 system.


Little can be said about the gameplay in a title of the ‘DMC’ saga. Still as good as ever and even better. Nero’s abilities with his demonic arm are implemented in a great way and they offer a new range of possibilities to the combative development of the title.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

On the other hand when we control Dante, everything remains the same as always. Although it is true that the ability to roll on the ground is now less useful. In another order of things, I have the slight feeling that the jump has seen its travel reduced, although it is true that they jump very high, it seems that in other titles they advanced more.

Also noteworthy is the damage that games like ‘God of War’ have done within the genre. Positive damage of course, now Dante and Nero will face someone towards the end of the game who will remind us of a character we saw in the last Kratos adventure for PS2.

In short, an excellent entry through the front door of Dante, the coolest demon hunter Sparda gave birth to. Superb graphics, well done conversion, exquisite control and exceptional adventure. What more could you want? Make it free, okay there you gave me.

Analysis of ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PS3.  This time yes, gentlemen of Capcom

Recommended to all those who have wanted to be Han Solo, or at least be as cool as him. If when you come across a gang of neo-___s on the street, you stare at them and say: why don’t you let your hair down? This is your video game.

Not recommended Rouco Varela and no one from the episcopal conference. A game starring a demon who in the introduction shoots a priest in the forehead could produce a brain aneurysm.

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