There are games that don’t grab your attention at first, partly because you think you know what they’re about and are surprised by other lessons. This is the case of Remains of Evan, a work by Matías Schmied which managed to fund itself quite humbly on KickStarter in mid-July 2019 with $ 12,096.

I started to take an interest in it India following a video from Pazos64, in particular because of this great mystery surrounding its history. Because although it is an adventure with a strong component of puzzles, these remain in the background to tell what is happening on this island where Evan is supposed to be. And of course, hold on tight.

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An island that hides more than you imagine …

The starting point could not be more interesting: Dysis receives a letter from Evan, a genius who has disappeared for many years. In this letter, he says that he is on a lost and uninhabited island and that he expressly needs this girl to go looking for him. She doesn’t know the reason, but she will find out as the plot progresses.

Comment Remains of Evan tells the story is the most interesting because combines puzzle solving with a series of dialogues, being inserted between the two without being at any time heavy, let alone boring.

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There is this main objective, to find Evan. But soon we’ll see how this supposedly uninhabited island isn’t so much and mysterious characters will emerge who will ask us what the hell are we doing there. And to give more packaging to the question, apart from the interviews that Dysis will have, we will also attend various flashbacks to learn more about the past of other vital characters. This is what will keep us on the lookout until the end, relentlessly.

On the other hand, there is the island, which a legend assures that it has particular properties that we are going to discover. The funny thing is that the puzzles that make up the island are totally secondary, since if we get stuck with one we can skip it without a problem, something that has happened to me several times. Plus, these aren’t puzzles of increasing difficulty, but every now and then it will peak (for better or for worse), although there are reasons for it.

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Evan’s Remains is great for spending an afternoon

Remains of Evan

These puzzles are a platform, see how the standard surfaces disappear after stepping on them and jumping again, or with others reactivating those that have disappeared. There are of course more variations to complicate things, like the one in which you automatically jump, another in which you teleport … or even vary the type of platform on which you walk. Everything is very studied.

These are puzzles, on top of that, that can be seen with the naked eye, practically in a single screenshot, so there are no distractions. And still with this goal of reaching the right column and jumping from there to the bottom to keep moving forward and see how the plot continues… or we encounter more puzzles.

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However, not exactly where Evan’s leftovers stand out most, as we dropped at the beginning. The greatest appeal lies in her story, in knowing Dysis and the characters she will cross paths with. until the big final reveal, which will leave us in a checkerboard pattern, as it is difficult to smell the calico.

It is, after all, a mysterious adventure that mixes riddles and typical elements of visual novels, so uniquely Japanese. In fact, this aesthetic for his designs (distinctly retro in this case, yes) is very much of this genre and is very well cared for. You can’t ask for much more due to its humble nature and the short duration of the experience, but at least it leaves a good mark.

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VidaExtra’s review

In short, for all those people who are at least attracted by puzzle games or good detective novels, Evan’s Remains is a beautifully stitched and refreshing experience for any typical summer afternoon. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more to have fun. And also for little money.

Remains of Evan

Remains of Evan

Platforms Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4 (version revue) et Xbox One
Multiplayer do not
Developer Matias Schmied
Company Digital whitethorn
Launch June 11, 2020
Price From 5.69 euros

The best

  • How much your plot hangs
  • Aesthetically it is precious
  • The challenge of a puzzle …


  • The puzzles are in the background
  • Any extra would have been good for him
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