Enter the next generation of PlayStation with Spider-Man: Miles Morales is doing it big. It is not a sequel or a delivery that comes to revolutionize what we already saw in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Let’s say it would be halfway between an expansion and a sequel, something similar to what Naughty Dog did with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

This means that it is sold separately and that no need to have the original, but at the same time offers a more contained story that preserves the best of the original and improves it, leaving behind, incidentally, some of the less successful elements of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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As surely many of you are wondering how long this Spider-Man: Miles Morales, I tell you now and we get rid of that. It has taken me about 10 hours complete the story with 70% of everything the game offers. My approach has been to always go for the main mission, with which I have only spent a few minutes collecting the odd collectibles to be able to create gadgets, unlock costumes or apply improvements to the equipment. In any case, after a main mission, the game usually forces you to do a secondary mission or some activity before activating the next one. The good thing is that the secondary missions are well planned and not heavy, which is all quite straightforward.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales: just like in the movies, one villain is enough

There is one thing that I liked a lot: unlike the previous title, where a lot of classic Spider-Man enemies appeared to generate great confrontations, in Spider-Man: Miles Morales there is only a single villain. There are twists and cameos that obviously I neither want nor can reveal, but in this sense the game is closer to the approach of any of the films that we have at our disposal.

Spider man miles morales

In them, both in those directed by Sam Rimi and Marc Webb, as well as in the latest installments starring Tom Holland, Spider-Man usually faces a single enemy. Except in a case where there are a couple of baddies giving the ember, it is always clear who the villain is and there are not many distractions in that sense.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales bet on that, which makes the story go in one direction from the first moment and allows Insomniac to expand on a narrative level on the other hand. Without having to keep an eye out for various crazy threats, the game allows us to live the life of Miles Morales in a much more intimate. I daresay there are a couple of moments in the game that are very Naughty Dog.

It is evident that the study has wanted to take advantage of the occasion to tell things in a more leisurely and profound way than in the previous one, which allows us to get to know Miles much better and take a liking to him very early. It is a very emotional game that achieves something that few games do: that we care about their characters and what happens to them.

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By the way, I do not want to miss the opportunity to say this: the first half hour of Spider-Man: Miles Morales it’s probably one of the best starts I’ve seen and I’d say it’s on the level of what we can see in any of the superhero movies. Pure show.

Known mechanics and bulkheads

That greater weight in the narrative is appreciated, since at the mechanical level it is where there is less jump between Marvel’s Spider-Man Y Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The combos, moves, dodges, and swings are pretty much the same. Miles has a new power called Poison that allows him to give electric shocks, which, now, allows for a new set of movements (and to solve puzzles), but otherwise whoever has played the previous one can start throwing cobwebs and hand out bullets in this one with your eyes closed.

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Spider man miles morales

Spider man miles morales

Swinging from end to end New York continues to be a fabulous experience. The city looks great and, since on PS5 it offers a mode to 4K and 30fps with ray tracing, makes you want to stand on each roof to contemplate everything calmly. And yes, there is fast travel through the subway stations, but on PS5 it is so fast that it is actually immediate, so we don’t even smell it.

The puzzles are the least inspired of the game. In the course of history, it is not compulsory to solve excessively stupid and heavy puzzles such as those that in the previous installment asked us to connect circuits, for example, but those that we must solve, practically all related to electricity, they are too simple. Nothing serious, but it is worth commenting because the strong point of the game is elsewhere.

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The fighting, on the other hand, they are extremely satisfying, as they were in the previous one, but it is true that the final movements to finish off enemies have risen several points of spectacularity. It is very easy to carry out very long choreographies to kill large groups of enemies: dodge, disarm, throw them into the air, paralyze them with cobwebs and more, it is executed with great speed, simplicity and spectacularity.

As I said, during the game we will get a series of materials that will allow us unlock outfits and gadgets, as well as make improvements of all kinds. There is also a skill tree with three different branches that we can go up with the skill points earned. Many costumes include perks, and gadgets can be upgraded in various ways. In the end, it is about having the greatest number of possibilities within our reach and mounting the builds that best fit our style of play.

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Spider man miles morales

Spider man miles morales

In any case, and this already happened in the previous game, it is not necessary to improve everything to the maximum Nor go crazy with this theme to enjoy, since with the basic sets of character movements it is enough to get out of any situation. Which does not mean that at a more visual and spectacular level we are interested in unlocking everything. In my case, as I said at the beginning, I have gone through the main missions without stopping to collect collectibles to obtain materials and even so I have ended up unlocking almost all three branches of the skill tree, in addition to several costumes and improvements.

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For completists, the map will gradually fill up with more and more icons of all kinds with objects to collect or challenges to carry out. If the story has taken me about 10 hours, I think that completing everything 100% could be, thus by eye, around 13 or 14 hours. With open world games it is difficult to adjust much with the times, each one will decide how much he wants to dedicate to each thing and at what pace to advance.

VidaExtra’s opinion

Spider-Man: Miles Morales it looks truly spectacular, at least on the PS5 version we’ve tested. Offers a way Fidelity that goes to 4K and 30fps with ray tracing, which is the one that comes by default and the one I have used, and another mode called performance that reaches 60fps with 4K resolution starting from a lower one and without ray tracing or additional light effects. There are no loading screens and everything works at lightning speed, which makes all parts of the game, both the action and the calmer narrative, are perfectly linked and flow organically.

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Spider Man Miles Morales02

Spider Man Miles Morales02

The game is very continuous in its mechanics and in the way of facing the action, which has nothing wrong precisely because we know in advance that it is not a sequel, but a way to expand the previous one with a new protagonist and a very exciting little story arc with several interesting twists.

I can assure you with confidence that it is not only a good way to debut in PS5Instead, it’s a game that Spider-Man fans in general will love. And I think that actually is a game with a greater importance than it seems to have at first, especially at the level of inclusivity. Many people who are not regularly represented in games will find your site here. And in what way.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Platforms PS4, PS5 (analyzed version)
Multiplayer No
Developer Insomniac Games
Company Sony Interactive Entertainment
Launching November 12, 2020 (PS4) and November 19, 2020 (PS5)
Price 59.90 euros

The best

  • Feel like Spider-Man again
  • On PS5 it looks truly spectacular
  • The story is interesting and has cool twists


  • The puzzles are not overly inspired

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