Summer in Mara is the kind of experience one could more than wish for this summer. At least at the concept level. It is an engaging game, with great visual enjoyment and a most interesting approach: a mix between exploring remote islands and shaping your island while creating the perfect garden and fulfilling the orders that are delivered to you.

Unfortunately for all who had high hopes for him, Summer in Mara He comes to the market with very clear ideas, but not so good execution. Far from minor changes, the Mara Islands they would need a considerable revolution to provide a fun experience.

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Fantastic in some ways, disappointing in everything else

At the helm, we have Koa, an orphan who is in the hands of a former navigator to become his granddaughter. Yaya alien will teach the girl to fend for herself collect food and learn to bond with the island in which they live. Anything the island gives you should be rewarded in one way or another.

The idea invites you to keep planting as you pick the fruit, whether it’s the minerals you collect, the trees you eat, or the coconuts you eat. And along the way, Koa learns a series of recipes that you will accumulate in the form of island plates, structures or objects to reinvent.

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It’s not just about taking advantage of the raw materials you get to survive, but also trying to shape them so that you can sell your designs for a much higher price than what you would get for marketing purposes. origin. Selling cottonseeds is not the same as planting them, harvesting them, creating yarn with them and then fabrics that shape a backpack.

The more money you have, the more seeds you can buy in the market and therefore an endless cycle to seek the greatest possible profit from all the work on your island. First with the basics, then the use of water and fertilizer reservoirs which ultimately give you more for less and in less time.


As slow as it sounds, Summer in Mara Avoid the vices of patience that other games like Animal Crossing do. Jumping from day to day is as easy as going to sleep, something you can do as many times as you want. And if you want to make 20 chains from the yarn you have already fashioned, it is worth it with a button to get it.

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Maybe because of the good make everything in other games extremely heavy, it disturbs more than the other mechanics that it lifts so lightly. Koa Island is not the only one to visit, but it is the most interesting and fun to spend.

A summer as a messenger

To the north of it traveling by boat, not on an open world map but with a loading screen that skips when reaching a certain point, we find the largest and most advanced stage in the whole game. which serves as aliens as a vacation retreat and where most of the game’s main characters are located.


There are restaurants, shops, a forge and about twenty characters who will offer us tasks that will make way for new tasks or, failing that, new tasks and a gift in the form of new items or recipes. With something so simple Summer in Mara it creates a cycle which would be a sea of ​​attraction if it were not unbearably heavy.

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For example an example. Time to visit the Old Woman at the Lighthouse to further the story. There, on top of a mountain that requires walking the streets and stairs until we reach her door, the old woman will ask us to speak to someone at the port where we moored our ship a few minutes before. .

Undoing the path, we will reach the next conversation, in which we will be asked to obtain a certain item. To do this, we have to go to the market, halfway to the lighthouse, collect ingredients and return to the boat to return home.


After the walk and sail, we reached our island, we climbed the mountain where our house is located, and we used the ingredients to shape the object. This It is the only place where you can cook or create. After that, go back to defeat all the way, return to the lighthouse and deliver the item to complete the mission.

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Ideally, you will receive a new recipe as a prize. At worst, the dialogue will end a simple thank you And you will have completed this mission – with less money than you had before you started and feeling like you wasted time in an absurd way.

Tender the first time, you miss the second and annoy everyone desperately. It’s an endlessly repeated process – it’s the common thread that runs the game – with a generous collection of characters spread across the island and part of the Mara Sea. Each with a spray of similar missions that have you here and there constantly wait for a turning point or an evolution which, when it occurs, does so with a pipette.

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a lot of work to do

Even in those timid developments that the game gradually releases, for example when improve your boat To go to more distant islands, the feeling of emptiness is irreparable.

Exploring other areas is rarely interesting, and at best you will find a new type of fruit or another character to command you. several missions of the same cup.

Without fast travel – only on the island where all these commissions are located and after paying an exorbitant price – and without the possibility of creating or cooking elsewhere than on your home island, to walk on foot or by boat taking a lot time.

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Ideas like that, other uses of the boat or quick trips, would make this process a much more enjoyable drink, but it wouldn’t hide the vice at all. Summer in Mara start a thousand and one races without shisha in a loop that quickly becomes as inevitable as it is unsightly.

VidaExtra’s review

Even the many bugs I encountered, some leading me to shut down the game and reenter it so that a stuck menu window or broken lighting that left everything in darkness would go away, would be peccadille to have fun in the tasks that the game requires.

I hope the team Chibig come back to the workbench and, far from fixing the details here and there, take a good look at the game to rephrase many of the big ideas that are really there. Maybe with that Summer in Mara It’s becoming the game it deserves to be in the summer of 2021, but it’s far from a commendable experience.

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Been to Mara

Summer in Mara

Platforms PS4, Switch, Xbox One et PC (version analysée)
Multiplayer Non
Developer Chibig
Company Chibig
launch June 16
Price 21,99 euros

The best

  • A visual pleasure
  • The work and evolution of your island


  • Particularly heavy rides and routes
  • Its main mechanic is to constantly shop
  • Too many bugs capable of breaking the game

Source: Gadgetsnow