Analysis of The Sexy Brutale – The Endless Murder.

We were already looking forward to seeing what the developers of Tequila Works, the Spanish studio in charge of Deadlight Director’s Cut. There is no doubt that the developer is in its best days and it has been well reflected in The Sexy Brutale, the game that we analyze today. In addition, the developer is finalizing Rime, a highly anticipated title that will arrive on May 26.

The Sexy Brutale: The Mansion of Murders

What’s new about Tequila Works is a proposal “Made in Spain” that came to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, a couple of weeks ago and that today also hits stores in a special edition in physical format. Now the studio is back on the scene with this The Sexy Brutale, an adventure and puzzle game, with a most peculiar aesthetic, and with a game system that leaves no one indifferent, which plays a lot with time space. Surely with this presentation you really want to know each and every one of their characteristics, so we are not going to wait any longer, and we are going to begin to reel off, one by one, all its details.

Analysis of The Sexy Brutale – The Endless Murder

The Sexy Brutale is a mystery adventure game, whose starting point may seem quite simple at first, but as the minutes progress, we realize the striking network that we have to go through to complete its history. It all begins when a marquis invites us to an annual masked ball in his own mansion. So far everything seems logical, and that the night promises, but from the first moment we see that the party it will not be what we expected, and that our host is missing, not to mention the horrible murders that are taking place.

From this moment on, we will get to know all the characters who are part of the cast of The Sexy Brutale, and of course, the first of them will be ours protagonist Lafcadio Boone. With him, we will have to go through room by room of the great mansion and to spy to all the guests, as well as to the service personnel to try to prevent every murder that will take place … But of course … How can we prevent a murder, spying on the murder itself? Well, with one of the main characteristics of the game, and it turns out, that we have the ability to power go back in time as many times as we want.

Analysis of The Sexy Brutale – The Endless Murder

In this way, we can see how some of the guests die in strange circumstances, and we will have to make sure that this does not happen by traveling several times in time to save their lives. As the observation is essential To avoid murders, we will have to be very attentive to every detail, even if it is minimal, to prevent the worst from happening.

Video analysis

We leave you with the video analysis of The Sexy Brutale, so that, in addition to knowing all its characteristics, you can see first-hand, how is the game going.

Analysis of The Sexy Brutale – The Endless Murder

Hear, see and act

Under this premise, this linear adventure, in which we will have to solve a murder to be able to move on to the next one. The difficulty Of these varies, depending on whether the victims are several people or just one, or if the way they died occurs due to strange circumstances, or if instead there is a clear murderer. The truth is that some of the murders are very original and some of them require a lot of effort, but there is nothing impossible to solve. Others on the other hand are very simple and obvious, so it will not pose any challenge for the player. But within what is possible, puzzle they have a very interesting and entertaining dynamic, since, if we have missed any detail along the way, we can always rewind backwards and rewatch all the events that occur.

These events unfold in multiple zones that we can explore with Total freedom. The mansion is far from small, and each room includes its own environment, its own characters, and its own puzzles. In addition, each of the characters that we have to save have a mask which will be removed if we can save their lives. This mask will provide our character with a series of special abilities, which will help us to reveal the next murders that will occur in the mansion. These powers vary from being able to hear whispers and conversations, to being able to open locks to access certain rooms.

Analysis of The Sexy Brutale – The Endless Murder

We can think that to save the lives of nine guests who are in danger, a minimum strategy and planning, and so it is. It will be our duty to know all the movements of our protagonists, as well as those of the murderer and always taking into account the period of time in which all events occur. For this, we have a Map in which all those character movements that we have observed, in the purest style map of the Harry Potter marauder, in which we can control the time with a bar, to see where our guest was hours before his death.

Immersing ourselves in the technical characteristics of The Sexy Brutale, we found a great incentive in its visual and artistic section. The design of the characters and the setting has been very careful in broad strokes, despite not having extraordinary graphics. He sound section is magnificent, offers a somewhat casual musical tone to the game at times, which we think fits perfectly with the setting and even takes a little drama out of the events.

The Sexy Brutale is characterized by having a unique style, which is combined with a very particular aesthetic, and with a attractive playable mechanics. Although the story can be completed in a few 7 or 8 hours, the entertainment and experience it offers are more than valid to spend a good day solving the darkest murders that the mansion hides, even if you are not regular players of this genre of mystery and puzzle.

Analysis of The Sexy Brutale – The Endless Murder

We have been able to prepare this analysis in its PC version thanks to a digital copy that Tequila Works has offered us.