Analysis | Onrush.

Onrush is a racing game that has no focus on racing. Correct nonsense means? But this is how we can describe this epic game from Codemasters, where you turn on the video game, open the game and only think about not winning, but destroying and crushing everyone together with your team, because the game is summed up in a battle between blue and orange team.

A racing game usually makes you scratch before your opponents reach the finish line, or make the course in less time. In Onrush, you are not competing to finish the course in the shortest time. There are no laps, no passing cars, and no finish at the end – just a winning team and a lost team. Instead, all cars during a match are fitted to a particular team, a crowd that causes destruction and explosions with extreme frequency.

Analysis |  Onrush

Game modes

In total, Onrush has only four game modes. There are few, but they are very fun and very well made, according to the patterns of the game.

  • Countdown – is a race through virtual portals against the clock. Crossing each portal on the track will add seconds to the total team time, the team that runs out of time loses.
  • Lockdown – This is a race in which you struggle to control a moving zone. The team with the most players within the area wins the point.
  • Switch – Survive as long as you can while hunting down opponents, progressively obtaining more powerful vehicles.
  • Overdrive – It is the purest essence of Onrus, “accelerating to win” sums up the mode. Get the boosts and use them as soon as possible, leaving your opponents behind.

All the game, as we said earlier, is a team game. There are two teams and you can play either offline, with AI, or online with friends.

Analysis |  Onrush

Even with AI the game is fun, because it is well made. With all the drivers nearby and a plethora of useful visual cues, it is relatively easy to help your teammates, despite not having direct communication. The only negative aspect of the game modes is Lockdown, where there is a catch in the zone when no one is in it.


At the start of each match, there is a selection of eight different vehicles (divided into four general classes) to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. For example, Blade, a motorcycle that leaves a trail of destructive fire behind when you use its Rush mode, while the Outlaw motorcycle controls it, but drains the momentum of enemies when you pass using Rush. That is, each vehicle has its unique abilities.

Analysis |  Onrush

The game is very smooth and the controls are very good and practical. During my gameplays with the bike, I encountered some difficulties, which is very good, as it shows that the creators of the game were careful to change the experience depending on the vehicle.

But the good thing about Onrush is, above all, the physics, driving and control of vehicles at high speeds that stand out, on such uneven terrain and filled with objects that change every corner of the track. The game is full of those moments, of decision making and quick choices that give each game and every moment a lot of emotion and fun for the player.

Analysis |  Onrush

The game has loot boxes, but they are either Overwatch or Fortnite style. They don’t make any difference in the gameplay, it’s all cosmetic. Upon completing the matches, you will earn XP that goes to a general level. Each level unlocks a loot box containing three random items of varying rarity. These can be things like new bodies, paintings for your vehicles, emojis, and different clothes for avatars.

Soundtrack and voice acting

Onrush’s soundtrack is simply sensational. With very good songs that fit the game perfectly. The soundtrack is as lively as the game itself. The game pulls music from a huge library of explosive music that mixes and adapts while you drive. The type, speed and volume of the tracks change in real time reflecting the action in the game.

Dubbing is also very good and well done. Both the game in PT-BR and the original audio in English, the care with the audio part of the game is incredible.

Analysis |  Onrush

The complete soundtrack of Onrush can be seen at this link.


Onrush is exceptional and delivers what it promises to fans of the game. It is easy and very delicious to play, but if you are one of those who enjoy a more realistic racing experience, this is not your game. Onrush is an arcade where teamwork and destruction are the order.

The game was made available by Deep Silver for the PlayStation 4.

Analysis |  Onrush