Analysis – Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – S01E07 – Divine Armor vs Divine Armor.

In the previous episode (check our full review here) we had some interesting revelations, like the villain Andreas be responsible for reviving the Gold Saints, with the aim of using their cosmos to accelerate Yggdrasil’s growth. But what does he mean by it? Will there be a bigger villain, manipulating Andreas, like Poseidon did with Hilda?

What was lacking in action in episode 6, in this one (which premiered on 07/03) we had a lot of fights, some of which already had their conclusions, without much ado (which is the purpose of this new series). The ep started with Aiolia facing Frodi, but the highlights were the fights with Aldebaran with Hercules and Shura versus Capricorn🇧🇷 Mu and Dohko only appeared for a few moments.

The battle of Aldebaran was very reminiscent of the first clash between the dorado and Seiya in the classic saga of 12 Houses, with him motionless receiving the opponent’s blows. It was pretty nostalgic. At the end, Bull easily defeats Hercules, but ends up losing his life when absorbed by the power of Yggdrasil – but not before destroying the statue in the chamber.

Analysis – Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – S01E07 – Divine Armor vs Divine Armor

After the excellent third episode, Camus shines again in another chapter, being the knight with the greatest focus in the seventh episode. The Hyoga master’s fight against the Capricorn knight is brief, but intense. Very cool the flashback that the two have, remembering how they were resurrected earlier in the Hades Saga🇧🇷 At first, their powers are balanced, as each uses their special technique: Excalibur versus Aurora Execution🇧🇷

Who ends up getting the better of Camus, but that’s because Shura didn’t concentrate his attack on the enemy, but against the chamber statue, and so one more is destroyed. Shura is unconscious, when he appears surtur, Camus’ friend from the past. The God Warrior, in a very cold attitude, uses his sword to kill Shura, under the protests of Camus. Capricorn is also absorbed by Yggdrasil.

Analysis – Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – S01E07 – Divine Armor vs Divine Armor

Surtur then says that the Ice Chamber is also a chamber of fire, and so another statue of fire appears in place of the one destroyed by Shura. The Warrior God then orders Camus to leave and face the other Gold Saints, but he refuses and so, even half-detonated, a new battle for Aquarius arises.

Here one more classic reference and nostalgia moment, with a confrontation that reminds us of the exciting fight of Hyoga against Hagen, in the Asgard Saga. Surtur proves to be powerful, but Camus hesitates to fight another friend, but with no other option, he releases his divine power and defeats Surtur, who has his armor destroyed. Both fall to the ground in a faint. The Chamber where the two are found begins to collapse and, apparently, takes the lives of the two knights (and one more statue), but first they make peace and die as friends (and with the right to Camus crying, did he learn from the Hyoga?).

Analysis – Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – S01E07 – Divine Armor vs Divine Armor

So, we already have five dead golden (Aphrodite, Milo, Aldebaran, Capricorn and Aquarius). Despite the animation still not standing out and with ugly features, it is worth noting how the Chambers are very different from each other, each with its particularities, such as the giant statue in Hercules’ chamber and the ice/fire in Surtur’s. A cool effect they used was to increase Aldebaran’s size against his enemy, showing all his grandeur. Andreas’ throne room is also worth mentioning, with a great design that shows the villain watching the fights in a kind of chessboardincluding pieces representing the golden knights – and suggesting how he manipulates everyone.

Overall it was a good episode, yielded good clashes. The next episode, scheduled for the 17th, promises more exciting fights, including with Virgo Shaka🇧🇷 In the words of Andreas himself: “It looks like I’m going to see an interesting fight. The closest man to God, and against him is… God.”

Analysis – Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold – S01E07 – Divine Armor vs Divine Armor

The seventh episodeGod Armor vs God Armor” is officially available in Brazil through the channels Daisuki (free) and Crunchyroll (subscription required), both with subtitles in Portuguese. Watch for them, not on other sites or Youtube, so that Toei has an idea of ​​the audience and thus confirms a new season in the future.

Leave in the comments what you thought of this episode and the saga itself. See you next week and raise your cosmos to the max!