Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!.

And unfortunately we reached the last episode of “Knights of the Zodiac: Soul of Gold“, and as you can imagine, it was very emotional, and also very sad. If you’re a fan of the Dorado, you think you’re prepared to see their fate, think twice.

O previous episode it ended with the gathering of the 12 golden ones (again as it happened in the Wailing Wall) around Loki and that’s exactly where the thirteenth episode starts. Wasting no time, the 12 knights attack the enemy in pairs (exactly in this order: Cancer/Pisces, Aquarius/Scorpio, Aries/Virgo, Capricorn/Leo, Libra/Leo, Sagittarius/Gemini).

Of course, like all good “final boss“, Loki escaped unharmed from all the attacks and decides to show that he rules this with the evil power of his Spear Gungnir, unleashing a powerful attack. But Kamus, Mu, Dohko and Shaka create a deadly attack barrier, which ends up hitting the four golden ones and hitting, with less intensity, the other eight knights.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

All 12 golden ones are lying on the floor and Loki prepares to deliver the final blow, when then begins rain blood petals to the sound of a song. It is Athena/Saori, who from the underworld of Hades, already trapped in the blood jar, sings for the Gold Saints to awaken their cosmos and continue fighting. They are all moved by the goddess, who even at death’s door, uses her weak cosmos to help them in the battle against Loki.

And as expected, following the tradition of the franchise, the result is that basic boost in the golden 12, now completely renovated, raising your cosmos to the maximum and awakening the Divine Gold Armor (this time permanently, thanks to Athena’s blood on the petals that fell on them earlier). Feeling the immense power generated by the golden ones, Loki tries to flee, but is pursued by them in the skies of Asgard.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

One by one, the golden ones attack Loki again, who now begins to feel the blows, including being pierced by Aiolos’ golden arrow. The final blow is for Aioliausing your “knuckles” Draupnir (with a boost from the Capsule of Power move), the only Asgardian artifact capable of destroying Loki.

Loki counterattacks with his Gungnir Spear, and both are in a stalemate, with blows fully balanced. Aiolia then begins to receive power from various cosmos, from people and from the Earth itself, who are praying for him, answering the prayers made by Lifia in the previous chapter.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

Thus, with this extra cosmos and more those of the other 11 knights, Aiolia finally manages to destroy the Spear Gungnir and destroy Loki once and for all. A new day comes to Asgard. Lifia, Hilda, Freya, Sigmund and Frodi (the only surviving God Warriors) thank the golden ones for saving Asgard and that they are ready to face the bitter cold once more.

At this time, the bodies of the Gold Saints start to disappear, in the best Martin McFly style of “Back to the Future”. Shaka explains that it’s time for the bodies revived by Odin to disappear again. They are worried about Seiya and the others fighting Hades in hell, and wish there was a way to at least send their golden armor to help them.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

Behold, the God of the Seas appears, Poseidon, on the body of Julian Solo. He says that the cosmos of the golden ones awakened him and that he wants to help them, sending his golden armor to Seiya and co. After some suspicions (after all, Poseidon screwed up the whole Asgard crowd, remember?), they end up agreeing.

Thus, in the final moments, Lifia is saying goodbye to the golden ones. Mu tells her that their job is done, and is the first knight to completely disappear, followed by Dohko and Shaka. And then Milo/Kamus, Aldebaran/Shura, Cancer dragged by Pisces, Aiolos/Gemos. only remaining Aiolia and Lifia – the new suffering couple of the series (Marin will not like this very much huh!).

The Lion puts on the necklace Odin’s Armor on Lifia’s neck, saying that now he must stay with her, as she has a strong spirit and that she will be Odin’s representative to protect Asgard. With tears in her eyes, she hugs the Lion who says her last words: “Even if this body disappears, my soul will always continue to take care of you”.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

When she was about to say that she loves Aiolia, he disappears completely, leaving the girl on her knees in tears. And so the episode ends, with the credits starting to roll on the screen.

After the credits there is still an epilogue, showing Asgard under its harsh winter and Lifia saying that the people of that land will not stop smiling, even in the greatest difficulties and that they will always be grateful to the 12 warriors who gave their lives to protect them. The final image shows the last fire of the sanctuary clock going out, thus ending the Saga of Hades, and consequently, Soul of Gold.

And so, the Gold Saints burn their cosmos so that Aiolia can defeat Loki and ensure peace and love on Earth once again!

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

technical aspects

I already knew that SoG would have an ending with death of the golden 12 and I really thought I was prepared for it. But I was wrong. Those last few scenes were extremely melancholy and managed to bring a few small drops of manly sweat out of my eyes.

The heart pounded already in the scene where the Athena appears with her blood petals, when the Golden Saints are when being defeated. Yes I know, it’s the old cliché/tradition of Knights of the Zodiac this kind of situation, but tell the truth: we love it! After all, this is the essence of CDZ: overcome the worst obstacles, lift stronger and move forward to achieve the impossible!

The traditional joint attack of all the knights, another cliché of the series that never gets tired of being exciting, with the protagonist’s final blow, in this case Aiolia, playing the role that has always been Seiya, was also worthy of applause, showing how a badass villain must be defeated.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

We also had a good participation of Poseidon, who in the Hades Saga sends the Gold Cloths of Sagittarius (Seiya), Libra (Shiryu), Aquarius (Hyoga), Virgo (Shun) and Leo (Ikki), during the battle on the Elysian Fields against the gods Thanatos and Hypnos. Thus, the original chronology does not change, having a connection with SoG very cool.

Damn, but it’s a shame that the guy disappears before the girl says “I love you” at the end huh! Cafajeste lion that one!

I’ve seen a lot of people criticizingsoul of gold“, especially for its animations, which really could be much better. However, in terms of road map, I thought the series was excellent, worthy of a true CDZ! Obviously, we have the merchandise of the new God Armors involved, which many say the design was made just for that.

Analysis – Saint Seiya : Soul of Gold – S01E13 – The eternal legend of the Golden Saints!

Well, I say no, it wasn’t JUST to sell more dolls. You fans have not been forgotten, there are dozens of references to the classic sagas here, many of which have appeared before, but in a different form that only old fans will understand. Small details that make all the difference. Not to mention that it has a direct connection with the Asgard Saga, one of my favorites in the entire series! The final balance was quite positive and I’m sad to not be able to see more of the Golden Knights in action.

Finally, during the commercial break of this episode, they announced a new line of dolls for CDZ. Interestingly, they used scenes from the classic series in the ad! Will we, along with the dolls, have a new anime? Perhaps a remake of the classic series? Olympus Saga? Is it just the dolls? Many doubts are still in the air, but between the 30th of October and the 1st of November there will be an exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, to divulge more details. Let’s wait!

Leave your comment below for us, we would like to know your opinion about the last episode of Soul of Gold and what are your expectations for the future!

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