Analysis: ‘The Simpsons – The video game’ for Nintendo DS.

Although my colleague Kedume already analyzed it at the time, I have also decided to share with you my impressions on ‘The Simpsons – The Video Game’ in its version for Nintendo DS.

Although the history of the yellow-skinned family on consoles is almost as long as on the television screen, it is true that not all the titles that have come out live up to the quality of the animated series. This new title, however, seems set to claim the honor of being the best Simpsons video game to date. Let’s see if he gets it.

It all starts on the couch at the Simpsons’ house, where we’ll see Homer sitting in his underpants. After dragging a chocolate bar to his mouth, he begins the first phase.

Analysis: ‘The Simpsons – The video game’ for Nintendo DS

In this first level we will control Homer while he goes through ‘The country of chocolate’, a scene belonging to one of Homer’s ramblings, in the episode in which some Germans buy Mr. Burns’ nuclear power plant.

After this, we will return to the Sofa and we can feed or shave Homer. It is a Tamagotchi-type minigame in which we must control food intake and act quickly every time Homer chokes or has one of his frequent heart attacks.

Analysis: ‘The Simpsons – The video game’ for Nintendo DS

Also, if we wait long enough, we will see the various inhabitants of the home parade before us, such as Lisa playing the Saxophone or Bart being chased by supporting actor Bob.

However, the main plot takes place when we leave the house. From here, we must visit various buildings in the city of Springfield, such as the Natural History Museum or the Duff Brewery. Each new level is preceded by a short animated scene sequence that seems taken from an episode of the series, sometimes being the best of it.

Analysis: ‘The Simpsons – The video game’ for Nintendo DS

Graphically, the game is not amazing. And while the graphics do their job, they pale when compared to titles like ‘New Super Mario Bros.’ Correct animations, colorful worlds and little else.

The best thing about it is its sense of self-parody. From the comic book store clerk, who comments on each of our movements, to the references to other games that appear within the title.

Analysis: ‘The Simpsons – The video game’ for Nintendo DS

For example, in one of the first animated sequences, Bart goes to a SequelStop store (whose logo is very reminiscent of GameStop) to buy a copy of the game ‘Grand Theft Scratchy’, whose cover parodies… well, I don’t think so. I don’t even need to explain it.

After being intercepted by his mother, Bart must desist from playing for said title. It is then that a copy of ‘The Simpsons: The Video Game’ appears before him, as if it had fallen from the sky (literally, in this case).

From that precise moment, Bart becomes aware that they are inside a video game set in Springfield and puts on his Bartman suit, which is so little in the series but has given such good results in the video games of the same name.

Analysis: ‘The Simpsons – The video game’ for Nintendo DS

It must be recognized that, if it did not have the protagonists it has, the game would have gone completely unnoticed. But the fact that it is a game starring the Simpsons is what makes it win several integers. Without forgetting, of course, the wonderful dubbing work that has been done in it, with the original voices of the characters in the series.

In short, it is a title for the great followers of the Simpson family, who will enjoy each setting and each character that appears in it. If, on the other hand, you are not staunch fans of the animated series, the game will surely disappoint you.