Analysts Give ‘Devil May Cry 4’ a Remarkable Overall.

Those of you who know me a little already know how much I admire gamespot. Are not extra life, and they also write in English, but how nice they are. In short, they have gutted one of the games of the moment, ‘Devil May Cry 4’ in its version for PlayStation 3, and I couldn’t help but comment on the details that most caught my attention from its analysis.

The chronicles, those of Vida Extra and those of the Gamespot analysis, tell that the new ‘Devil May Cry’ is far from exhibiting that portentous difficulty that managed to exasperate the spirits of the players who, unwary, tried to take control of Dante on his PlayStation 2. It was the time of ‘Devil May Cry 3’ and the truth is that few gamers left unhappy, despite having bitten the virtual dust. At first glance, the fourth installment has a little more mercy on the player. In fact, it allows us to choose between two levels of difficulty (for the bravest, some more will be unlocked later).

Once upon a time Dante Nero…
As for the plot, this time they give us Nero for Dante, but you don’t have to worry: good old Nero will do more for your entertainment than the mythical (of course) CD and DVD toaster. The kid has charisma and style, and he also fights like no one else. Nero’s mission is to find out what’s going on with the Order of the Sword, and unmask the true killer of their leader, as they blame Dante for the dead. To tie the story together, you won’t miss small works of art in the form of video sequences.

Analysts Give ‘Devil May Cry 4’ a Remarkable Overall

When it comes to distributing tow, Nero has plenty of arguments. With a pistol shot, a clean sword blow, or turning the enemy into an old carpet, the hero cannot resist any of his opponents, all of them phenomenal, although sometimes they repeat themselves a bit. The fastest path to success is through grabbing souls and collecting combos (and discarding the ones you don’t like). In addition, an old acquaintance of all of you will appear very soon, the demonic arm. This powerful appendage will come out where Nero only had a vulgar limb… And he will not be left as a puppet with a head.

Kill with style and break (very little) the head
Indeed, the action presides over the game, but it is not a simple kill that kills you. Secret submissions, puzzle passages, and platforms have you hitting the brakes to pull gray matter before putting each monster back in its place. Apparently, the puzzles are not as challenging as they should be, and the Gamespot analyst complains that they often break the rhythm.

Analysts Give ‘Devil May Cry 4’ a Remarkable Overall

If you stay alive, mid-game you can jump for joy with Dante’s control, but you’ll have to adapt to his way of fighting. Come on, it’s not the same to take Nero than Dante. And they are distinguished by more than just their haircut. You will soon discover that, with old Dante as the protagonist, there is even more variety when it comes to facing the bad guys, although you will miss that fabulous drugged arm.

According to the Gamespot analyst, and I attest, the graphics are not to go to mass in a week. The developers know this, but that’s no excuse for them to make you revisit the stages more than once. Or if? With a visual section it is excellent, the negative note is put by the camera: normally you will move it at your whim, but sometimes you will adopt a fixed angle and you will get rashes if you have to climb a certain mound and you do not finish correctly calculating the distance. Undoubtedly, all these details pale in comparison to the pleasure of destroying evil, especially when it’s time for the boss. Some end-of-stage monsters will make you regret you made it this far. They really give chills.

Analysts Give ‘Devil May Cry 4’ a Remarkable Overall

Also notable for the Xbox 360 version
In short, ‘Devil May Cry 4’ for PlayStation 3 looks very good. In Gamespot they recommend it with a remarkable high grade, and those of you who have played the demo know that they cannot be too wrong. In case you are curious, the average score of the analyzes that I have been finding for the Xbox 360 is higher than eight out of ten. As the lowest note, the 7.5 that curiously puts the official Xbox magazine in the United States stands out. An example of informative cleaning that we are not used to in this blessed country.