The Android share menu is one of the basic pillars of the operating system for moving items from one app to another, although its implementation is far from optimal. Google has promised us time and time again to improve this menu, and little by little the changes are coming. In Android 11, the change involves reduce the number of times the same app appears in the list.

This change appeared in the second beta of Android 11 and does something as simple as group all actions of a single application under his name. In the past, some Adobe and Microsoft apps have taken too much liberty in their presence in this menu, including links to download other apps from their homes.

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Less stuff on the share menu

To this day, the Android share menu is still pretty messy. You will mostly find shortcuts to send to specific contacts in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, just below are shortcuts and apps that have been set to always appear there. Finally, there is the list with all applications where you can share the item in question.

Android 11 beta, first impressions: a promising update that still has work to do

It’s this last section that changes, as duplicate apps continue to appear in the shortcuts above. However, the list of all apps is lighter than usual, because each request appears only once, although they include many ways to share (stories, news, etc.). When you tap on any of these apps, a menu will appear where you can choose where you are going to share.

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With a long touch, a similar menu appears, but to choose what shortcut do you want to define in the share menu. These shortcuts appear at the top and, as we mentioned earlier, they are not grouped together.

Finally, a small change in Android 11 Beta 2 is that the shortcuts defined in the share menu differ from those recommended by including a small pushpin iconThus, it is easier to know if it appears there by being fixed or by suggestion of the system.