Android 11 beta It is now available to install in the first models adapted to this version, from Google Pixel 2 to the company’s latest mobiles. More Developer Info: The new beta fixes many bugs and lays the foundation for the next stable release.

The evolution of the beta version of Android 11 has been eventful: from the cancellation of Google’s I / O to the postponement of the virtual event that Google planned to present the previous version which we will finally see in a stable way. But we already have it here, and by surprise: Android 11 beta is official and can be installed on early devices. As usual, these are the Google Pixels.

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More privacy and better use of the device

Android 11

As is often the case with the beta, the new Android 11 is not yet completely closed, but that means evolution compared to the first Developers Preview of the year. We tested each one in our Google Pixel, taking into account all the changes introduced by Google. And now is the time to enjoy the new, freshly made firmware.

Google unveiled Android 11 in its developer blog, with a particular focus on managing privacy and interacting with others, as well as improving device control. And developers get new APIs with which facilitate the creation of applications compatible with Android 11.

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The general news for the first beta of Android 11 is:

  • Improvements in conversation notifications and also in bubbles. Android 11 introduces the API dedicated to this type of notification in the form of a popup.
  • The keyboard is much more proactive thanks to personalized suggestions according to the context.
  • Improved accessibility through the use of voice commands.
  • Android 11 debuts new controls to manage connected devices more comfortably and centrally. They also improve media playback controls.
  • Android 11 lets you give apps only one permission. This way, we will have more control over all the data that applications access in the background.
  • Android 11 will automatically disable permissions for apps that haven’t been used for a long time.
  • Google Play doubles the number of Android modules that can be updated from the store. Android 11 ensures that key security and privacy information is updated on time.
  • Many more details and improvements included, also greater system stability and lower power consumption.
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Here’s all the news from Google: Now is the time to install the beta of Android 11 and dive into the aesthetic changes, new features and concrete options introduced. What do you want to install on your mobile? The new version is compatible with the following models:

  • Google Pixel 2 et Pixel 2 XL.
  • Google Pixel 3 et Pixel 3 Xl.
  • Google Pixel 3a et Pixel 3a XL.
  • Google Pixel 4 et Pixel 4 XL.

To download the new version, you can go to the Android developer’s download page.

More information | Google

Source: Frandroid