Talking about Android Auto, in general, is talking about the possibility of integrate the Google Android interface in our car. The compatible vehicles are counted by dozens and a new participant is now added to the list: Harley-Davidson, a classic in the history of motorcycles.

The historic American manufacturer will support Android Auto to all its motorcycles from 2021. The thing does not end here, since the brand will allow users of vehicles with more time on the market to enjoy this technology via a software update.

Android Auto on Harley 2021s and updates for older ones

Harley-Davidson was already compatible with Apple CarPlay and is now announcing its collaboration with Google to offer Android Auto in its vehicles. All Harley models from 2021 will be compatible with this Google technology, through its platform ‘Boom! Box GTS ‘, Harley-Davidson’s infotainment system. Great news for future Harley, which will include future shipments such as the electric Harley-Davidson, whose production is currently halted after having detected a failure.

Through a software update, the Harley-Davidson system can receive Android Auto. Motorcycles from 2014 onwards will benefit from it

Android Auto is coming to Harley Davidsons from 2021 and earlier

While it is striking news that Harley-Davidson is betting on Android Auto technology for its new vehicles, it is even more striking to know that motorcycles with a few years on the market will be able to enjoy this technology. Android Auto can be enabled via USB update of the Boom Box GTS system. This function will be available for models from 2014 onwards, as long as they already have this box installed.

With Android Auto integrated in the 6.5-inch box of this information system, it will be possible to enjoy Google Maps, Spotify (remember that some Harley have integrated radio), make hands-free calls, view messages, etc. The company indicates that update will be available in early summer and that from 2021 it will be standard on all its vehicles.

Android Auto is coming to Harley Davidsons from 2021 and earlier