One of sections where we will find more changes When we update to Android 11, this is one of the notifications. For example, thanks to Developer Preview 2, we already know that there will be a shortcut to History and that the bar will be divided into three groups (Conversations, Alert Notifications and Silent Notifications).

We can also group all media playback notifications into a carousel and minimize sticky notifications. Now, in addition, we know that Google is testing a new function that will allow us set a reminder directly from an Android notification. Of course, only when a contact asks you to do something.

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Compatible with Telegram and WhatsApp

Android police have discovered a new feature called ‘Set Reminder’, which appears as an action bubble right next to or instead of smart replies in the notification from a compatible messaging app.

First of all, keep in mind that not all notifications from these apps turn on the feature, but it’s smart enough to only appear when a friend or contact asks us to do something. When that happens, just tap that option and we will be redirected to Google Keep to set a reminder.

The title will be pre-populated with the content of the post, so all you need to do is set a time or place and save it. With this, we will create a new reminder note in Google Keep, which will also be synced with the reminders from the Google Assistant and with the calendar.

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Notification Android 02 Images: Police Android

Keep is not the only app that supports this feature: in case we also have “Google tasks” installed, we will be asked to choose one of them to create the callback. In this case, the experience is a little different, since the task is saved with an auto-completed title and does not ask us to set up a date and time, but we will have to modify it to add them. Also, these reminders aren’t synced with Google Assistant or fully integrated with Google Calendar.

Notification Android 03 Images: Police Android

According to Android Police, this action bubble appeared in the WhatsApp and Telegram notifications, but not in messages from Google Messages, Gmail, or Twitter, and it is usually activated when it detects phrases such as “remember x”, “please buy x”, or “bring x”. However, messages about specific meetings, events and times (such as “dinner tonight at 7:30 pm”) did not trigger the bubble.

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Notification Android 04 Images: Police Android

In addition, they warn that there is two parameters that control all smart actions and, therefore, if we want to disable this function, we will have to disable one of these:

  • Settings> Apps & notifications> Notifications> Advanced> Suggested actions and responses

  • Settings> Applications and notifications> Access to special applications> Adaptive notifications (select “none”)

As for the terminals where it is available, it is not clear if this is an activation for a certain group of users or devices. Android Police managed to enable it on a Pixel 4 with Android 10 and the July security patch, but they didn’t manage it on a OnePlus 7 Pro with Android 10 and the May patch. In Xataka Android we have tried it with multiple terminals and we also could not access the function.

Source : Frandroid